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January 24, 2012

Murphy-Hill Receives NSF Award for Consortium

Dr. Emerson Murphy-Hill, assistant professor of computer science at NC State University, has received an award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support his work on a Doctoral Consortium during the IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC 2012).  This award, in the amount of $27,061, will support the Consortium to be held during the VL/HCC 2012 conference in Innsbruck, Austria September 30 – October 4, 2012.
The award runs from September 1, 2012 through February 28, 2013.  Murphy-Hill’s collaborator on the project is Dr. Andrew Fish of the University of Brighton.
Abstract – Recent advances in computing have led to continually deeper integration between computers and human society.  Yet as socio-technical systems have grown in complexity, their underlying computation has become increasingly difficult for people to express, manipulate and understand.  This consortium aims to advance knowledge and understanding of solutions to these problems by supporting a Doctoral Consortium at the IEEE Conference on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC).
For more information on Dr. Murphy-Hill, click here.
For more information on the VL/HCC 2012 conference, click here.


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