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September 20, 2011

Ma Receives Supplemental Funding

Dr. Xiaosong Ma, associate professor of computer science at NC State University, has been awarded $64,184 in additional funding by the UT-Battelle, LLC to support her joint faculty appointment with NC State and Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL). Total funding for the project is now $549,457, and the award is extended to August 15, 2012.

Abstract: Xiaosong Ma’s joint work with NC State and Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL) will bridge the gap between the two organizations in a practical manner to conduct cooperative research on high-performance I/O and storage.  She will work with collaborators within the Computer Science and Mathematics Division, as well as the National Center for Computational Sciences at ORNL.  The joint projects will investigate Peta-scale supercomputer management, scalable parallel I/O, and efficient parallel application workflows on next-generation multi-core processors.
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