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July 07, 2011

Murphy-Hill Receives FRPD Award

Dr. Emerson Murphy-Hill, assistant professor of computer science at NC State University, has received a Faculty Research and Professional Development (FRPD) Award in the amount of $7,000 to support his research proposal titled “Flexible Restructuring Tools for Flexible Software.”
Abstract - The process of refactoring helps developers maintain software over time, but software developers often do not use existing tools to help them refactor their code. As a consequence, software developers are slower and more error prone than had they used the tools in the first place, contributing to the high cost of building software. This research proposes to design and implement refactoring tools that support the developer in her work rather than getting in
her way.
The FRPD program is a funding partnership between the NC State University Office of Research and Innovation and the 10 academic colleges. It is intended to assist faculty in initiating research and professional development activities. A primary objective from the award should be to use the funding as “seed” money leading to support from outside granting agencies. For more information on Faculty Research and Professional Development funding, click here.
For more information on Dr. Murphy-Hill, click here.


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