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March 07, 2011

Rouskas is 'Thank A Teacher' Honoree

Congratulations to Dr. George Rouskas, professor of computer science at NC State University, for being recognized as part of the “Thank A Teacher” program. The program, sponsored by the Office of Faculty Development, was created to allow students an opportunity to thank NC State teachers who have gone beyond their standard teacher roles and made a positive impact on their lives.

One of Dr. Rouskas’ students anonymously provided these comments to thank him for his efforts and positive impact as a teacher:
CSC 772 was the best course I took in my entire Masters program…You are very systematic and have a clear vision of your concepts which clearly shows in the way you structure your course and projects. There is no scope of ambiguity and I really appreciate that quality in you.
Your course was like a wholesome meal with all the needed ingredients – learning new concepts; projects in coding the research report and presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed it all. Plus, you are always willing to help and guide the students.  Thank you for being such a great teacher!”
Dr. Rouskas and the other “Thank A Teacher” recipients will be recognized at the Office of Faculty Development Teaching and Learning Symposium on April 8, 2011.
For more information on the “Thank A Teacher” program, click here.
For more information on Dr. Rouskas, click here.


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