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February 28, 2011

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Extends Support of Mueller’s Research

Dr. Frank Mueller, professor of computer science at NC State University, has been awarded $31,167 in supplemental funding by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab to support his research proposal titled “BLCR Support for Job Pause, Live Migration and Incremental Checkpointing.”

The award has been extended to January 31, 2012, and total funding to date is $153,500.
Abstract – The objective of this work is to provide functionality for the Berkeley Lab Checkpoint/Restart (BLCR) Linux module to support advanced faulty-tolerant capabilities, which are of specific value in the context of large-scale computational science codes running on high-end clusters. A set of techniques to reduce this checkpoint/restart overhead has been developed. The proposal is to integrate a job pause mechanism, live migration support and an incremental checkpointing mechanism into the latest BLCR version.
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