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December 22, 2010

NC State Designated a NVIDIA CUDA Research Center

NC State University has been designated an NVIDIA CUDA Research Center (CRC) based on the vision, quality and impact of its research leveraging CUDA technology. NVIDIA recognizes and fosters collaboration with research groups at universities and research institutes that are expanding the frontier of massively parallel computing using graphics processing units (GPUs).

NC State was designated a CUDA Research Center for its pioneering work on GStream, a general-purpose, scalable data-streaming framework on GPUs. GStream demonstrates the viability of streaming on accelerators in experiments to assess flexibility, programmability and performance gains for various benchmarks from a variety of domains, including but not limited to data streaming, data parallel problems, numerical codes and text search. The NVIDIA CRC at NC State embraces many other research projects ranging from compiler support for CUDA, OpenCL for Matlab imaging to physics, chemistry and a variety of sciences that exploit CUDA in large-scale computer simulations. NCSU has deployed ARC, an HPC cluster with NVIDIA Fermi Tesla GPUs, to foster research and education in massively parallel processing as well as large computational simulations.


Dr. Frank Mueller, professor of computer science, will serve as the principal investigator of the project.

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