CSC Entrepreneurship Fair 2019

Think and Do Entrepreneurship with Computer Science!

lightbulb Do you have an idea for an application, but can’t move the idea forward, because you don’t write code?

gear cogs CSC students, you have the talent, but are you lacking the next big idea?

The Department of Computer Science at NC State invites those with ideas (thinkers) to network with CSC students who can execute those ideas (doers) at the CSC Entrepreneurship Fair!

When: Friday, April 12, 2019, from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Where: Engineering Building II, Rooms 3001 & 3211 (Registration will be outside 3211)

The CSC Entrepreneurship Fair will provide the opportunity for thinkers to connect with CSC student doers by providing the opportunity for speed networking to support entrepreneurial team building around exciting ideas, all while enjoying NC State Howling Cow ice cream!

NC State Entrepreneurship resources will be on hand to discuss how NC State can support entrepreneurial efforts.

open house 1
open house 2

Get Involved

We invite thinkers and doers to sign up for the CSC Entrepreneurship Fair. For thinkers, please note that we’ll only be able to accept up to 40 for Speed Networking due to space. The organizers will follow up with details as we approach the event.

Thinkers (those with ideas)

  • Specify a category for your idea (Social Good, Health & Pharma, Financial Technology, and Educational Technology)
  • Sign up!

CSC Student Doers (those who can execute)

  • Let us know the areas you’re interested in working in by rank order (Social Good, Health & Pharma, Financial Technology, and Educational Technology).
  • You’ll have the opportunity to participate in two speed networking sessions. We’ll assign the sessions to balance participation. Your schedule will be provided when you register.
  • Sign up!


  • Thinkers share your general idea and scope. Doers share your skills and interests.
  • If you’re interested in continuing the discussion, make sure you exchange contact information!


  • Set up a time to meet and discuss the idea further.
  • We’ll follow up to get feedback on the event and see if any connections were made!


Time Event Location
1:45p-3:00p Registration open outside of 3211 EBII 3211
2:00p-2:15p Welcome to CSC Entrepreneurship Fair Goals, Resources, and Rules of Engagement EBII 3211
2:15p-2:30p Break + Ice Cream! EBII 3211
2:30p-2:50p Speed Networking #1 EBII 3211 & EBII 3001
2:50-3:00p Break + Ice Cream! EBII 3211
3:00p-3:20p Speed Networking #2 EBII 3211 & EBII 3001
3:20p-4:00p Networking + Ice Cream! EBII 3211

Rules of Engagement

This is a networking opportunity to provide CSC students interested in working on entrepreneurial projects a connection to those with ideas to create multidisciplinary teams and execute on something exciting. Name tags will have dots on them to identify our thinkers (yellow) and doers (red).

  • Please wear your name tags to help make connections!
  • All participants are to be treated respectfully by all other participants.
  • There are no intellectual property agreements or non-disclosure agreements at this event.
  • Please ensure that what you share is appropriate for an open audience.
  • Everyone should respect that the ideas you hear belong to the person who shared them.
  • Any teams formed from this event should be partners in any entrepreneurial work that follows; students are not free labor.
  • Any teams formed have the responsibility to discuss partnership/ownership/IP/NDA details as part of team building. The Department of Computer Science is not part of this relationship.