Graduate Program Specialist



The Department of Computer Science (CSC) requests a new position be created for our growing graduate program and the resulting significant increase in workload. The last time CSC added a permanent position in the graduate office was in Fall, 2018. Since then the graduate program has grown by ~25%, the number of PhD applications has doubled, and the number of faculty (which the graduate office also serves) has increased as well. This position “Graduate Program Specialist” will be responsible for admissions, student services, and operations of the Graduate Program in the Department of Computer Science and will work closely with the Director of Graduate Programs (DGP), the Graduate Services Coordinator (GSC), Graduate Admissions Manager and Graduate Admissions Specialist.

The job duties of the Graduate Program Specialist include the following:

Work with students in interactions with the Graduate School, College of Engineering, Office of International Services, and other work units.
  • Reconcile, research, and solve problems and issues with students within the department by interpreting and administering a multitude of policies.
  • Respond in verbal or written form and in a timely manner to various inquiries coming into the Graduate Program office from students, faculty, and prospective applicants.
  • Evaluate applicant educational records and transcripts for compliance with program specifications, and transfer and edit application and student data from University IT systems to departmental databases.
  • Schedule regular mass mailings to applicants, incoming students, and enrolled students according to the Graduate Program’s established communication plan.
  • Use the Student Information System (SIS), NextGen Graduate Appointment System, GradWatch, the Graduate School Information System databases, and other information systems to perform research, collect data, and analyze information for benchmarking, program improvement, and use in composing reports and presentations.
  • Supervise student worker positions and maintain a professional office.
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