Linux Administrator


The North Carolina State University Department of Computer Science Information Technology Team is seeking a Linux Administrator.

Departmental Required Skills:

Applicants must possess comprehensive knowledge of Linux systems administration. Experience with Linux-based configuration management technologies. Knowledge of Linux application and package creation and deployment tools. The candidate must be a self-starter, customer-oriented, team player, and possess strong communication skills. This position may require occasional weekend and evening work during on-call support rotation. Candidates should have a background in customer service and system administration. Group interaction and teamwork skills are a necessity. Excellent interpersonal skills.

Specific skills required:

  • Significant systems administration experience with Linux
  • Experience working with both virtual servers and virtual desktops
  • Experience using VMWare tools to manage a virtualized environment
  • Experience managing LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) installations
  • Experience using a variety of tools to monitor uptime, performance, log analysis, and load of systems (e.g. Splunk) 
  • Experience programming in Perl, Python, PHP, Bash shell 
  • Experience with automated tools that support server configuration (Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Foreman) 
  • Experience working with Version control systems (e.g., Github) 
  • Understanding of core networking and security principles

Essential Job Duties

The incumbent will specialize in supporting the CSC department’s Linux environments for administrative, research, and instructional functions; works as a member of the CSC IT team, and reports directly to the IT manager.

Essential Job Duties:

The primary purpose of this position is to design, implement, administer, and support core environments consisting of, but not limited to, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, LAMP stack, and automated systems administration. This position must ensure high security, availability, and performance of the various systems supported in lab and server environments. Position works as part of the Computer Science IT team and involves frequent interaction with Computer Science faculty and staff regarding IT support in their teaching, research, administrative duties.

Other Work/Responsibilities:

Other Work/Responsibilities: This position includes a variety of tasks, activities, and responsibilities typical to all CSC IT Staff. Proactive participation in the CSC support activities, learning with IT, problem reporting, carrying of approved smart device and NCSU badge during work hours.  The position will advise IT Manager on issues related to administration of Linux operating systems, best practices, technological issues and planning, goal setting, equipment purchases, and server room maintenance. Additionally, provide LAN administration and hardware support.

Other Preferred Experience, Skills, Training/Education

  • Experience with application testing and deployment environments (Jenkins)
  • Experience configuring Apache and Tomcat servers and their associated modules such as PHP and mod_ssl
  • Experience with Shibboleth and Active Directory authentication
  • Knowledge of Cloud Computing Technologies (OpenStack)
  • Knowledge of Storage Area Network (SAN) technologies
  • Experience with open-source software for web serving, reverse proxying, caching, and load balancing (e.g., ngix)
  • Experience with open source firewall solutions
  • Experience with open-source container orchestration systems for automating application deployments, scaling, and management (e.g. Kubernetes).
  • Practical background in the cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure, Google), on-premise, and hybrid architectures.

Minimum Experience/Education:

Master’s degree; or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or closely related degree from an appropriately accredited institution; or a Bachelor’s degree from an appropriately accredited institution and one year of experience in operations analysis and design, systems programming, or closely related area; or an Associate’s degree in Computer Information Technology, Computer Engineering Technology or Networking Technology from an appropriately accredited institution and two years of experience in operations analysis and design, systems programming or closely related area; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

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