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Photo_of_Steve Worth

Steve Worth, Director, SPO Global Engineering

Division: SPO Global Engineering


Stephen Worth is the technical director for the Storage Platform Operations Global Engineering team. This group works with EMC storage platform engineering organizations to develop world-wide engineering presence in conjunction with sales & marketing. The work involves the development of technical engineering projects, educational programs, & visibility initiatives within target geographies to grow EMC presence, sales, and engineering productivity. Steve serves as the technical liaison between participants helping to define, plan, and implement projects. He is based out of EMC's RTP Software Development Center which focuses on storage based business continuation applications, midrange network attached storage products, and storage virtualization.

Mr. Worth joined Data General in 1985. which was acquired by EMC in 1999. He has held various roles leading development efforts in graphics software, operating systems, database applications, applications porting, software diagnostics, vendor & program management, performance, engineering services, and manufacturing test engineering. Prior to his current role he was the director for customer intelligence in the NAS Strategy & Business Development group.

Mr. Worth received his B.S. degree in Chemistry from North Carolina State University in 1981 and his M.S. degree in 1985. He served as an adjunct faculty member of the Computer Science department from 1987-1999.

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