Strategic Advisory Board Member

Photo_of_Dan Corgan

Dan Corgan, SVP and Cyber Threat Intelligence Officer



Dan Corgan is the Senior Vice President and Cyber Threat Intelligence Officer for BB&T where he has responsibility for oversight of the Cyber Threat Management Program.  Dan brings over 20 years’ experience in information security disciplines having worked for large enterprises such as Bank of America, Computer Associates, Wells Fargo and First Citizens.  Dan’s expertise is in building and managing enterprise information security programs specializing in Network Security, Threat Management and Cyber Security.

As BB&T’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Officer, Dan is responsible for leading the Cyber Threat Management Program including functions such as 24/7 Security Operations, Threat Intelligence, Insider Threat, Vulnerability Management, Security Analytics and Application Security Testing. Dan continues to be active in the Cyber Security community where he has participated on committee’s and boards within the FS-ISAC and ISSA. Additionally, Dan has established relationships with NC State through their Super ePartnership and was responsible for the creation of the BB&T Cyber Innovation Scholarship for students who are pursuing careers in Cyber Security

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