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Shruti Marota

Hometown: Cary, NC
High School: Triangle Math and Science Academy
Activities: Women in Computer Science, STARS Computing Corps, skateboarding, baking

Awards & Honors: Dean's List

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2024

What I plan to do after graduation: After graduating with my Master's in Computer Science, I hope to land a job in the cybersecurity industry!

Why I Love Computer Science: I chose to major in computer science because I love how it combines critical thinking and creativity to solve real-life problems. It's also extremely interdisciplinary, meaning I can incorporate my passions and interests from other fields, such as psychology, into my degree. However, the thing I love most about computer science is its fluidity. We can see technology evolving in front of our eyes, and I'm really excited about developments in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. I hope to explore these interests in industry after college!

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