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Hannah Estes

Hometown: Covington, Louisiana
High School: Fontainebleau High School
Activities: Tennis, Women in Computer Science (WICS), Hiking, Cooking, Traveling, Study Abroad, drinking coffee, and visiting coffee shops!

Awards & Honors: Dean’s List, FEDD Winner

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2024

What I plan to do after graduation: I am currently interested in expanding my knowledge in computer science. With the additional minors of Cognitive Science and Global Leadership, I hope to tie these important concepts with cybersecurity to understand better what and why people do what they do.

Why I Love Computer Science: I came to NC State as a biomedical engineer, but once I took some of the introduction courses, my interests seemed elsewhere. Being an out-of-state student where my high school provided no classes within the computer science realm, it seemed very overwhelming. After talking to some professors and other CSC students, I soon realized that this major could be for anyone with any skill level. My interest in foreign languages and cultures kept me on this degree path. Since computer science has connected the world, I believe this major is a good balance between my interests and what I want to do. I chose computer science because there are possibilities in this field concerning the job market, but more importantly, there are an infinite amount of opportunities to learn from or work with people with different backgrounds and cultures.

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