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Brooke Raschke

Hometown: Cranberry Township, PA
High School: Seneca Valley High School
Activities: Women in Computer Science, Ballet, Flute, Hiking

Awards & Honors: Dean's List, University Scholars Program, Houston Pipeliners Association Scholarship

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2023

What I plan to do after graduation: I'm currently pursuing my Master's degree in computer science and will graduate in the Spring. This summer I worked as a software engineering intern at Qualcomm. I plan on continuing as a full time software engineer at a tech company.

Why I Love Computer Science: I chose to major in computer science because I fell in love with the combination of logical thinking and creativity when I was first introduced to it in high school. The challenge of programming was like nothing I had experienced in my other classes. It required me to use my knowledge in new ways to figure out the solution to the problems I was given. This challenge excited me then, and continues to excite me now. There are so many opportunities that computer science can unlock in many different industries, and I am eager to get the chance to explore them.

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