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Keagan Lindsey

Hometown: Asheville, NC
High School: A.C. Reynolds High School
Activities: Piano, bread baking, learning obscure languages, graphic design; Women in Computer Science, Director of TEDxNCState

Awards & Honors: University Scholars; Dean's List

Anticipated Graduation Date: December 2023

What I plan to do after graduation: This summer I interned with SAS, doing front-end development. After graduation, I hope to complete a Masters of Computer Science degree through NC State’s ABM program, and go on to combine Computer Science with my 2nd major, English Linguistics, to do work in Natural Language Processing.

Why I Love Computer Science: I began my time at NC State as an English Linguistics major, hoping to learn the skills to document and preserve dying languages and dialects. I became disappointed, however, when I realized I didn't yet have the resources to actually do anything with this knowledge. The itch in me to solve problems and apply my learning was scratched by Computer Science: all I need is a laptop and some patience to create whatever I wish. Computer Science can be applied to every discipline or interest, and can contribute to finding a solution for virtually any problem. In my case, I use Computer Science to solve problems in my day-to-day life, such as creating a mini word processor that minimizes distractions to help me focus. I hope to use Computer Science to help develop a solution for preserving and documenting dialects without the intervention of a linguist. The rush I get from programming is almost as gratifying as knowing that I can use code to make positive change.

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