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Paul Gartman

Hometown: Garnet Valley, PA
High School: Garnet Valley High School
Activities: Women's basketball scout team, theta tau professional engineering fraternity, weightlifting, rock climbing, podcasts, audiobooks, reading, video games

Awards & Honors: Dean's List

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2020

What I plan to do after graduation: I plan on either getting a masters degree in computer science or analytics or work full time as a software engineer.

Why I Love Computer Science: I love computer science because of how flexible of a degree it is. The ability to develop and maintain software is only going to continue to grow as the future unfolds, and I want to be right there in the forefront. Initially I was unsure if I was cut out for computer science as the early years were different than anything I was used to because I had no prior programming experience. However, I decided to persevere and I am incredibly happy I did because the sense of satisfaction and joy I get from solving programming problems and working with others is fulfilling.

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