CSC Ambassadors

Sam Crochet

Hometown: New Iberia, LA
High School: Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts
Activities: Mental Health Ambassadors, Intramural Soccer, SATELLITE, Hiking, Finding New Music, Cooking

Awards & Honors: Caldwell Fellow, Dean's List

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2020

What I plan to do after graduation: I’m hoping to enter the workforce after graduation and work for a tech company aimed at the intersection of music and software.

Why I Love Computer Science: When I took my first computer science class in high school, I was floored at the limitless creativity that comes with being able to write software for a computer. Even working on small and seemingly insignificant homework problems, I still couldn’t help but image where this field could take me. Since coming to NC State and pursuing computer science, I’ve seen the potential to help others through creating software. I know that computer science will allow me to be able to solve challenging problems with other passionate people to hopefully make a positive impact on the world.

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