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Anam Navied

Hometown: Apex, NC
High School: Apex High School
Activities: Undergraduate Research (with the College of Education and CSC dept), GigaGirls Mentoring Club President and mentor, painting, playing table tennis, running

Awards & Honors: Dean's List

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2020

What I plan to do after graduation: After working in industry for awhile, I’d love to come back to earn a PhD in computer science and teach.

Why I Love Computer Science: I came to NC State knowing that I loved math and science, but was hesitant on whether I’d fit in CSC since I’d never programmed before and would be far behind my peers. I took my first programming course (with supportive professors!) and fell in love with how computer science was so logical in nature but also encouraged me to be creative when finding efficient solutions to a problem. I enjoyed how the material was intuitive, intellectually stimulating, and the skills I gained complemented my other passions, such as education. Through undergraduate research I’ve seen how computer science skills put you at the forefront of solving important problems; whether it’s using computer simulations and visualizations to explain middle school STEM concepts or developing AI tutors to aid undergraduates learning to code. With computer science I can really enhance the impact I have towards my passions and the logical, problem-solving mindset I’m developing along the way is helpful inside and outside school! 

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