CSC Ambassadors

Spatika Ganesh

Hometown: Chennai, , India
High School: RN Podar School, Mumbai, India
Activities: Undergraduate Research Assistant, Java 2 Teaching Assistant, WiCS Publicity Chair

Awards & Honors: Dean's List, Donald L.Bitzer Creativity Award 2016-2017, University Scholars Program, CSC Honors

Anticipated Graduation Date: December 2017

What I plan to do after graduation: Gain professional experience by working in the industry and possibly obtain PhD in Computer Science in the future.

Why I Love Computer Science: I participated in Olympiads that had logical reasoning questions during middle school, through which I was introduced to the concept of algorithmic thinking. Hence, I opted for Computer Science in High School, during which I loved solving problems through programming. I also like the fact that computer science is a broad and growing field, giving me a lot of options for the future.

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