CSC Undergrad Restricted Electives - Summer 2021

These are the planned classes for the semester indicated above. The CSC Department may update this list at any time. The items listed in MyPack's Enrollment Wizard will be the planned final offerings by the department, and may differ from this list.

There is no limit to the number of CSC 495 sections students may use to satisfy degree requirements, as long as each section covers a different topic.

CSC 401 - 001     Data and Computer Communications Networks - Dr. Harfoush

Prerequisites: ST 370 or [ST 371 and ST 372]; CSC 246

Semester/Year: Summer I, 2021 (first five weeks)

Description: Basic concepts of data communication networking and computer communications architectures, including packet/circuit/virtual-circuit switching, layered communication architecture and OSI layers, general description of DLC, network and transport layers, some detailed protocol study of Ethernet, ATM and TCP/IP. Credit is not allowed for both CSC 401 and ECE 407.

CSC 498 - 001     Independent Project

Semester/Year: Summer 2021


Detailed investigation of computing topics of particular interest to advanced undergraduate computer science majors under faculty direction. Appropriate topics may include software development projects, tutorial work on new or emerging technologies, or exploration of an emerging computing topic. The experience must be arranged in advance by the student and approved by the Department of Computer Science prior to enrollment.

A minimum of 45 hours must be completed for each credit hour earned. An independent study proposal and final report approved by the faculty mentor and the department are required. Individualized/Independent Study courses require a "Course Agreement for Students Enrolled in Non-Standard Courses" be completed by the student and faculty member prior to registration by the department. At most 6 credit hours of CSC 498 and/or CSC 499 may be applied to degree. Click here for more information.

CSC 499 - 001     Independent Research

Semester/Year: Summer 2021


Undergraduate students who are engaged in research projects supervised by faculty may wish to substitute hours of CSC 499 (Independent Research in Computer Science) for a Computer Science Restricted Elective or Other Restricted Elective.

These substitutions must be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Programs on a case-by-case basis. Substitutions will be evaluated based on a written proposal. Students are expected to provide a mentor-approved written summary of their research experience to the Office of Undergraduate Advising before credit will be recorded for CSC 499. Students may substitute a maximum of six hours of CSC 499 for CSC Restricted Elective and/or Other Restricted Elective. CSC 499 is only offered on a credit-only ("S/U") grading basis. For more information, visit our Undergraduate Research Coursework page.