Undergraduate Program - Entrepreneurship in CSC

NC State and CSC provide several ways undergraduate students can engage in entrepreneurship as part of their coursework and in a broader entrepreneurial community. Students can customize the restricted electives and other restricted electives as part of the CSC major to start working on their entrepreneurial ideas as part of their degree.

CSC Undergraduate Courses that Support Entrepreneurship

Several courses that students are expected to take for their restricted electives and other restricted electives support entrepreneurship.

Restricted Electives

Coursework is recommended to support the technical needs of the entrepreneurial innovation of interest to the student.

Other Restricted Electives

One of the three Other Restricted Electives for CSC students must come from the NCSU Engineering Entrepreneurs Program.

  • ECE 482: Engineering Entrepreneurship and New Product Development I

Other Courses

There are several other entrepreneurial courses that students may be interested in taking, but that are not required for completion of the Entrepreneurship Track.

Further Information

For questions about the Entrepreneurial Resource, please contact Dr. Vincent Freeh (vwfreeh@ncsu.edu).

Entrepreneurial Resources

Students interested in entrepreneurial work will find resources within NC State.

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