Advising Frequently Asked Questions

Co- and Pre-Requisites

Pre-requisite means the class must be taken before.

Example 1: CSC 326.

Fred must pass CSC 230 and CSC 316 before being able to take CSC 326.

Example 2: CSC 116 and CSC 216.

Fred must take and pass with a C or higher, or have credit for, CSC 116 before being able to take CSC 216. CSC 216 cannot be taken at the same time or before CSC 116.

Co-requisite means you need to have completed the class for a grade before or take the class at the same time.

Example 1: E 115, MA 141, and CSC 116.

Fred takes E 115, MA 141, and CSC 116 at the same time OR Fred takes E 115 in the Fall and then takes MA 141 and CSC 116 in the Spring.

Example 2: CSC 236 and CSC 246.

Fred must take CSC 236 before CSC 246 or at the same time as CSC 246. CSC 246 can be taken in the same semester as CSC 236 or after CSC 236. CSC 246 cannot be taken before CSC 236.

Criterion Grades

Certain courses have criterion grades for graduation purposes.

Example 1:

    For CODA into Computer Science:
  • A C or higher is required for: MA 141, 241, CH 101, CH 102, PY 205, and PY 206
  • A grade of S in E 115
  • A C minus or higher in ENG 101, E 101, and E 102

Example 2:

    For a Computer Science (BS) degree:
  • A C or higher is required for: CSC 116, 216, and 226
  • All other CSC classes a D minus or higher is accepted as long as your major GPA is above a 2.0
  • Students pursuing the Game Development Concentration are required to have a C or higher in CSC 461, CSC 481, CSC Games Restricted Electives, and Games Restricted Electives

Distance Education

Enrollment for Distance Education CSC classes is controlled by Engineering Online (EOL).

In Fall and Spring semesters, enrollment in CSC classes is fully reserved for Computer Certificate students. In Summer, undergraduates may request enrollment in CSC classes via EOL if space is available.

CSC students may take any other subject via Distance Education if they choose.

Pre-Registration Advising

Changing OUT of CSC?
  1. If another engineering major, see the Coordinator of Advising for that major and have them e-mail us that they've seen you.
  2. If a major outside of the College of Engineering, see Academic Advising services and have them e-mail us that they've seen you.
Staying in or CODA into CSC?
  1. Follow instructions on Academic Advising.

CSC Undergraduate Advising Questions