Graduate Special Topics - Spring 2022

These are the planned classes for the semester indicated above. The CSC Department may update this list at any time. The items listed in MyPack's Enrollment Wizard will be the planned final offerings by the department, and may differ from this list.

CSC 591 - xxx User Experience - Dr. Watson

Prerequisites: CSC 454 or CSC 554

Description: As technology markets mature, products can no longer differentiate themselves by functionality alone. Instead, they must make more emotional appeals: they must be more interesting, engaging, memorable or moving. This course studies the definition, foundations, methods, application and research frontiers of user experience, which is concerned with how devices and systems create these sorts of cognitive impacts on their users. This includes current theories of high-level perception, attention, engagement, emotion, aesthetics, communication, learning and behavior; how they are impacted by a system or a product; techniques for generating products and designs with good user experience; and methods for measuring those human impacts. Because good interfaces are an essential part of good user experience, this course assumes students are already familiar with human-computer interfaces, but moves its focus from a system’s effect on productivity to its much broader effect on human experience.

CSC 591 - xxx Visual Narratives - Dr. Jhala

Prerequisites: CSC 316


Computational Visual Narrative is a project-based course for developing computational media with visual computing tools such as game engines. Within this course we will gain familiarity with the repertoire and practice of individuals involved in the design and development of digital interactive experiences. In the process, you will gain an understanding of the underlying concepts, techniques and technologies of computational and digital systems, software development and its role and potential in narrative practice.

This is the graduate version of CSC 486. Students may not receive credit for both classes.

CSC 591 - xxx Generative Methods for Game Design - Dr. Martens

Prerequisites: none


Fluency in at least one programming language and an interest in computing for the arts and humanities

This course will introduce foundations and current research on generative methods, including algorithmic design, text and story generation, and procedural level generation, with applications to game design. The course will have both seminar and traditional lecture components: we will read papers and tinker with systems, culminating in a final project. Each Monday, a student (or pair of students, depending on enrollment) will present the paper for that week, and each Wednesday, the instructor will lead a hands-on tutorial using or implementing a technique related to the paper. By the end of the end of this course, you will be able to use tools such as grammars, constraint systems, and planners to algorithmically generate things like images, text, music, game objects, quests or puzzles, game levels, and game mechanics. You will know the key algorithms behind these tools and be able to implement and improve upon their methods, you will know the state of the art in generative methods techniques and research, and you will be able to pursue independent research on generative methods.

CSC 591 - xxx TBD - Dr. Williams

Prerequisites: TBD

Description: TBD

CSC 591 - xxx Internet of Things: Application & Implementation - Dr. Shahzad

Prerequisites: Solid understanding of basic network design, architecture, and operations. Good programming skills. 

Description: This class is cross-listed with CSC 791 - 021 and ECE 592/792 - 021.

This course will focus on advanced topics in Internet of Things (IoT). These topics will include (but are not limited to) challenges in the design of IoT infrastructure, limitations of existing protocols such as HTTP when used with IoT, Security, low power design considerations, applications of machine learning techniques, and existing and emerging IoT standards. The students will be required to read research publications in this area. The course will also include multiple demos, such as for fog computing, using real IoT hardware such as Intel Edison boards and/or other similar devices. The course will also cover one or more of IoT platform such as IBM's Bluemix platform, Microsofts HomeOS and Lab of Things platforms, etc. To enable students to see IoT in action, they will be required to do projects using real IoT devices.

CSC 591/791 - xxx Reliability Issues in Emerging Software Systems - Dr. Jin

Prerequisites: TBD

Description: TBD

CSC 791 - 001 HCI - Dr. Matsuda

Prerequisites: Data Structures

Description: This course is also cross-listed as CSC 554 - 001.

Basic theory and concepts of human-computer interaction. Human and computational aspects. Cognitive engineering. Practical HCI skills. Significant historical case studies. Current technology and future directions in user interface development.