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Transcript Specifications & Upload Instructions

Applicants must upload an acceptable electronic copy of a scanned transcript or academic record for each post-secondary school listed in their education history.

A transcript should always provide as much information about your degree program, coursework and performance as is available when you apply. Therefore, to avoid automatic denial of admission by the department, transcripts and academic records must, at a minimum, document the following:

  • student's name
  • institution
  • major/specialty
  • at least three years of completed undergraduate coursework
  • dates/terms enrolled
  • list all coursework taken, including individual course titles and grades received
  • degree awarded and date conferred (when applicable)

If you upload an academic record from a web-based student record portal, it should be as a print-to-PDF or similar portable document format that includes the URL source and date in the headers/footers. And some applicants may find it necessary to include a copy of their diploma or provisional certificate in order to provide all the required information. But in every case, CSC applicants must heed the specifications and restrictions outlined below.

NO...screen captures of web-based records
NO...HTML text copied from web-based records and pasted into word processing documents
NO...semester "mark sheets” (international students) whenever consolidated transcripts are available
NO...“advising audits” (U.S. students)
NO...examination or grade reports that list course titles in one place and grades in another
NO...unattested, self-made transcripts of transcripts (the image is usually poor quality or illegible)
NO...non-English versions of transcripts

√   include authenticating seals or registrar's signature on scanned transcripts
√   use attested/certified English translations only
√   include URL source and date in the headers/footers of PDF prints of web-based records
√   click the application system's “view document” button to verify legibility (at 100% on a standard desktop monitor)
√   include the legend or page explaining the school’s grading scheme whenever possible
√   document coursework currently in progress (to the extent a school's record system allows)

NC State University reserves the right to rescind any offer of admission if discrepancies are discovered between unofficial (applicant uploaded) and official (school issued) transcripts.