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Researchers Design Interactive Software to Target Teen Alcohol Use

A collaborative research effort including NC State's Dr. James Lester, is focused on designing new personalized, adaptive software to go beyond providing facts and allow a personalized approach to curbing risky behavior in adolescents.

Teaching a Computer to Play ‘Concentration’ Advances Security, Understanding of the Human Mind

NC State computer scientists have programmed a computer to play the game Concentration (also known as Memory). The work could help improve computer security – and improve our understanding of how the human mind works.

Department Confers 173 Degrees During Fall Diploma Ceremony

More than 170 students received their diplomas during the Fall 2013 Diploma Ceremony on December 18th at Providence Baptist Church. Greg Germain, vice president of NetApp, delivered the keynote address.

Computer Science Research

Our key research areas are in Theory (Algorithms, Theory of Computation), Systems (Computer Architectures and Operating Systems, Embedded and Real-Time Systems, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Scientific and High Performance Computing), Artificial Intelligence (Intelligent Agents; Data-Mining, Information and Knowledge Discovery, Engineering and Management; eCommerce Technologies; Information Visualization, Graphics and Human-Computer Interaction), Networks (Networking and Performance Evaluation), Security (Software and Network Systems Security, Information Assurance, Privacy), Software Engineering (Requirements, Formal Methods, Reliability Engineering, Process and Methods, Programming Languages), and Computer-Based Education. Our 2013 funding level was $49,125,704. The department has a number of teaching and research laboratories, centers and other facilities that support its educational and teaching mission.

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