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Enck Wins Best Paper Award at WiSec '13

Photo of Dr. Will EnckCongratulations to Dr. Will Enck, assistant professor of computer science in the NC State Department of Computer Science, for winning the Best Paper Award at the 6th ACM Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks (WiSec ’13) held recently in Budapest, Hungary. more

Teaching a Computer to Play ‘Concentration’

Computer science researchers at NC State, including Drs. Rob St. Amant and David Roberts, have programmed a computer to play the game Concentration (also known as Memory). The work could help improve computer security – and improve our understanding of how the human mind works. more

Study Finds Clues on How to Keep Kids Engaged with Educational Games

Photo of Dr. Kristy BoyerIf you want teams of students to stay engaged while playing educational games, you might want them to switch seats pretty often. That’s one finding from a pilot study that evaluated how well middle school students were able to pay attention to game-based learning tasks. Researchers at NC State, including Dr. Kristy Boyer, are using the ENGAGE project, a game-based learning environment for middle schoolers, to develop a curriculum that teaches students about computer science principles ranging from programming and big data to encryption and security. more

Barile Receives Graduate Industrial Traineeship

Congratulations to Chris Barile, a Master’s Degree student in the NC State Computer Science department, on receiving a Graduate Industrial Traineeship (GIT) valued at $44,535 from SAS. more

The Future of Science

NC State is pleased to announce the official launch of its new College of Sciences. This dynamic college builds upon our university’s rich legacy of excellence in science research, education and outreach, positioning NC State to remain at the forefront of interdisciplinary innovation. The College of Sciences is NC State’s home for the biological, mathematical, statistical, chemical, physical and earth-system sciences. This new configuration of disciplines facilitates collaboration, creates synergies and augments NC State’s position as a preeminent global research university. More importantly, it will better enable our faculty and students to address many of the grand challenges of life on a changing planet, particularly those related to health, energy and the environment. more [Editorial Note – Because we have received questions, “Computer Science” is not a part of the College of Sciences – we remain a vital part of the College of Engineering.]s.

Hunt Library - Immerse Yourself

Photo of ROTC student.In the control room of a U.S. Navy submarine, six sailors attempt the delicate task of steering through a narrow waterway choked with marine traffic and submerged mines. The room hums with activity: A navigator consults digital charts of the busy strait and directs the helmsman at the wheel, while technicians check the radar for surface vessels and other navigational hazards. It looks and sounds like a day spent manning the nation’s maritime defenses, but these naval personnel aren’t operating a vessel at sea. They’re NC State Naval ROTC students training in the immersive environment of the Hunt Library’s Creativity Studio. more

The Innovation University

Economic growth and strength depend on the ability to innovate. For 125 years, North Carolina State University has been at the forefront of innovation — in our educational methods, in industry partnerships that drive discoveries to the marketplace, in research that improves lives. Learn more about how the innovators and innovations of tomorrow are being shaped today at NC State. more

Centennial Building Named For Poulton

The Corporate Research I building on Centennial Campus has been renamed the Poulton Innovation Center in honor of NC State’s 10th chancellor, Bruce Poulton. The Poulton Innovation Center is a three-story structure located in the heart of Centennial. Opened in 1991, the building is now home to the ABB Smart Grid Center of Excellence and the Springboard Innovation Hub, a mix of university departments that cater to research and corporate partners. Located on the second floor, the hub holds the Centennial Campus Partnership Office, Office of Technology Transfer, Corporate and Foundation Relations, Venture Services and the Small Business Technology and Development Center. more

Lakshminarasimhan and Boyuka Receive Best Paper Award

Photo of Drew Boyuka and Sriram LakshminarasimhanCongratulations to Sriram Lakshminarasimhan and Drew Boyuka, graduate students in the NC State Computer Science department, for winning the Best Paper Award at the 22nd International ACM Symposium on High Performance Parallel and Distributed Computing (HPDC ’13) held recently in New York City. The students are advised by Dr. Nagiza Samatova. more

New Dining Opens on Centennial

University Dining has several new dining facilities opening this fall, and the first to be unveiled is On the Oval Culinary Creations, located in Wolf Ridge Apartment Complex on Centennial Campus. It is scheduled to open for breakfast at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 6. This much-anticipated collection of dining options with a common seating area will be the first permanent, full-service dining establishment on Centennial Campus since its inception 25 years ago. more

Departmental Gifts & Research

Fidelity Investments has donated $30,000 in support of the department’s ePartners Program and Sr. Design Center.

The Boeing Company has donated $25,000 in support of the department’s ePartners Program and Sr. Design Center.

The Vanguard Group has donated $5,000 in support of the department’s ePartners Program.

The Hertz Corporation has donated $5,000 in support of the department’s ePartners Program.

Werum Software & Systems America has donated $5,000 in support of the Sr. Design Center.

Dr. Xiaosong Ma has been awarded $45,369 by Oak Ridge National Laboratories/US Dept. of Energy to support her research proposal entitled “Understanding I/O Patterns for Out-of-Core Computing and Data-Intensive Applications.” more

CSC Wolf Bytes

Highly accomplished and decorated Professor Emeritus, Dr. Wushow Chou, has written a new book entitled ‘Fast Tracking Your Careers: Soft Skills for IT and Engineering Professionals’ – a unique perspective on how tech professionals can acquire key soft skills necessary for advancing your career. The book is available at a variety of outlets including Barnes & Noble and For more information on the book, click here.

Dr. George Rouskas has been named to the International Advisory Committee for the Institute of Communication, Information and Perception Technologies (TECIP) at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa, Italy.

CNET reports that the Firefly game will be coming to a handheld near you in 2014, thanks to Spark Plug Games, founded by alum, John O'Neil! more

Congratulations to Marquya Crawford, who has accepted a new role with the department in our Contracts and Grants group.

Trey Murdoch (IT Specialist) has a new addition to the family - Arwyn Page Murdoch – born on July 12th. Mother and daughter are doing great!

CSC Senior and Triangle Triathlon participant, Max Schweizer, is featured in this N&O story! more

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