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Year 2014

NCSU Launches Drone Contest, features quotes from CSC students and Dr. Rudra Dutta; News & Observer, by Dan Kane, Apr. 12

Students Create Service to Combat Drunk Driving, profiles program created by two CSC undergraduates; The Technician, by Jess Thomas, Apr. 03

Students Test Potential of Google Glass, features quotes from CSC grad students Sina Bahram and Arpan Chakraborty; The Technician, by Kaitlin Montgomery, Mar. 28

N.C. State Researchers Devise Tool That Detects Android Malware, profiles research of Drs. Helen Gu & Will Enck; ComputerWorld, by Joab Jackson, Mar. 07

N.C. State Optimistic About IT Field Despite Market Fluctuation, quotes Ken Tate on disconnect between NCTA report and NC State experience; The Technician, by Jake Moser, Feb. 21

Finding Coding’s Proper Place in the Curriculum, CSC faculty weigh in on topic of whether the US should make programming a mandatory requirement for K-12 students; The Technician, by Jake Moser, Feb. 12

TBJ's 2014 Health Care Heroes Finalists Revealed, includes Dr. Laurie Williams for her research in Healthcare IT; Triangle Business Journal, by Cameron Snipes, Feb. 10

Researchers Implement HPC-First Cloud Approach, profiles work of Patrick Dreher and Mladen Vouk, a proof-of-concept for a novel high-performance cloud computing platform by merging a cloud computing environment with a supercomputer; HPCwire, by Tiffany Trader, Jan. 29

Year 2013

Cybersecurity Often an Afterthought, Dr. Laurie Williams featured in this WRAL story on cybersecurity threats in light of recent events involving Target hack; WRAL TV-5, by Cullen Browder, Dec. 19

N.C. State Partners with State IT Office on Centennial Campus, details new opportunities for CSC students; Triangle Business Journal, by Jason deBruyn, Nov. 11

Data Scientists Needed: Why This Career is Exploding Right Now, lists NC State among notable schools with data science degrees (Masters in Advanced Analytics); Venture Beat, by Meghan Kelly, Nov. 11

Phone Makers’ Android Tweaks Cause Security Problems, spotlights research by Dr. Xuxian Jiang; MIT Technology Review, by Rachel Metz, Nov. 05

Beyond a Gadget: Google Glass is a Boon to Disabled, quotes NC State CSC PhD candidate Sina Bahram; USA Today, by Marco della Cava, Oct. 23

Cloud Control: Universities Put IaaS into Action, spotlights NC State's VCL technology and it's spread to other universities; EdTech Magazine, by Wylie Wong, Oct. 14

Deep Within a Traditional Bank, Start-Up Culture Thrives, profiles the partnership we enjoy with Super ePartner, Deutsche Bank Global Technology; Bank Technology News, by Sean Sposito, Sep. 18

Scaling Up Personalized Query Results For Next Generation Of Search Engines, profiles Dr. Kemafor Anyanwu's research; RedOrbit, by staff writer, Sep. 18

Big Data Profile: Michael Rappa, Institute For Advanced Analytics, profiles the creator of the nation's first master of science in analytics degree; InformationWeek, by Ellis Booker, Aug. 26

NSA Establishes $60M Data Analytics Lab at N.C. State, profiles the largest research grant in NCSU’s history; News & Observer, by Jane Stancill, Aug. 15

NSA Contract Cements N.C. State’s Status as Big Player in Big Data; TBJ, by Jason deBruyn, Aug. 15

Zerg in Starcraft? Research Shows How to Win in RTS Computer Games, profiles Dr. David L. Roberts' research; Science World Report, by Mark Hoffman, Aug. 15

Budding Fitness Buffs Get Up Early and Tri Tri Tri, special interest story features CSC Senior and Triangle Triathlon participant, Max Schweizer; News & Observer, by Jack Daly, Jul. 20

NC State Develops ‘Virtual Crime Scenes', a triad TV news report shows how our gaming technology is being put to new uses; WGHP-TV, by Bob Buckley, Jul. 14

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