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40th Year Technical Symposium

Thursday, October 25, 2007
9 am - 4 pm
Room 1025, EBII on NC State's Centennial Campus

Welcome Openning Remark Streaming video
5 Minute Madness - Faculty Research Overviews
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Join us for a day-long celebration of our past and a look toward the future of computing. This star-studded event will feature historical retrospectives, lively dialogue, and four very special keynotes.

Event is free and open to the public, however space is limited and pre-registration is required.

Free parking is available in the deck on Partners Way. (directions & map).

40th Year Tech Symposium Agenda [pdf version]

8:30 AM - Registration Table Opens

9 AM - Welcome & Opening Remarks
Dean Louis Martin-Vega, Dr. Mladen Vouk (Dept. Head) & Others TBA

9:45 AM - The Quintessential Questions of Computer Science” Dr. Alfred Aho - Lawrence Gussman Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University - [abstract]

A scientific discipline can be characterized by its outstanding open problems. This talk will examine some of the deepest and most intriguing open problems that have shaped and are continuing to shape the science of computer science.

11:00 AM - Is It Friendship if One of Us is Computed and Rendered?” - Dr. Larry Hodges, Professor & Chair Department of Computer Science, UNC-Charlotte - [abstract]

"Digital Characters are everywhere! Avatars, ChatBots, Virtual Humans, Virtual Characters, and Embodied Agents are increasingly ubiquitous in commercial web sites, movies, games, online communities, and training applications. What do we know about these guys? Can Digital Characters effectively do jobs currently done by humans? What causes us to like or dislike interacting with Digital Characters? Can we learn social skills by interacting with Digital Characters? Can we build a Digital Character such that the social and psychological responses of a person to the Digital Character are similar to the responses evoked by another person? My work in the Future Computing Lab at UNC Charlotte for the past five years has focused on these and other questions. In this talk I will give a brief survey of the digital characters we have built and studied, and what we have learned about human-virtual human interaction."

12:00 PM - Lunch - Box lunches provided on the brick courtyard between EBI & EBII to pre-registered ticket holders

12:30 PM - Five Minute Madness – Faculty Research Overviews” - Fast-paced, fun, research overviews by various CSC faculty

1:30 PM - The Societal Relevance of Computer Science – Using Technology to Help Children with Special Needs” - Dr. Dorothy Strickland, President of Virtual Reality Aids, Inc - [abstract]

"For years psychologists have shown that our minds respond selectively to our senses. Children with special needs remind us of how different this selection is for all of us and how separate each of our realities can be. Technology has the power to help us present the world and learning in ways that can bridge this gap between realities. For the last 10 years the company I head has used virtual reality and computer games to help children with disabilities such as autism understand and adjust to our world. Through development of computer programs that teach how to cross a street, exit a fire, behave in restaurants, or just interpret emotions expressed in a face, we have discovered that computers can present powerful teaching scenarios that are both engaging and effective. In studies we observed that children not only learn to communicate, survive and adapt when practicing in imaginary computer worlds, but they also generalize what they learn on the computer to the real world they encounter daily. In my talk I will give a brief background and demonstration of programs we developed for children with special needs and describe some of the lessons we learned in our journey with these exceptional children."

2:45 PM - “iWoz: Perspectives on Personal Computing - Steve Wozniak, Innovator, technology icon, philanthropist, and co-founder of Apple Computer [Student Overflow Seating in Room 1021*]

4:00 PM - Steve Wozniak – Student Reception & Book Signing - [Masnari Gateway]

*Significant interest is anticipated for Mr. Wozniak’s talk.  Seating in Room 1025 will be limited to registered and confirmed attendees, and may require additional controls.

For more information, contact:

Ken Tate
Director of Development & External Relations
NC State Department of Computer Science

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