Department of Computer Science Colloquia 2003-2004

Request for a Visitor Parking Permit

(For bona fide visitor only, not for NCSU students, faculty, and staff)

Please grant the bearer of this notice the permission to park in the Visitor's Parking area for the duration of the seminar hosted by the Computer Science Department on the Historical Campus or  on the Centennial Campus. You may verify the time and place of the seminar on the Web, under Colloquia Home Page.

Thank you.
Franc Brglez (515-9675)

Visitor: Print this page and take it with you.

  • If you are attending the seminar on the NCSU Historical Campus, check the map at, then click on North Campus. You will look for the Visitor's Center entrance on Stinson Drive. You turn into Stinson Drive from Pullen Road which you can enter either from Hillsborough Street or Western Boulevard.

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