NC State University

Department of Computer Science Colloquia 2003-2004

This seminar is a part of the
Database Musings Seminar Series

Date:   Friday, November 21, 2003
Time:   EGRC, Room 313, NCSU Centennial Campus
Place:   9:15 AM!! (click for courtesy parking request)

Speaker:   Kamal Karlapalem , Centre for Data Engineering, IIIT, Hyderabad

Multi agent simulation of unorganized traffic

Abstract:   Traffic simulation is one of the most complex simulation projects that can be undertaken. The main issues are: modeling of autonomous behavior of drivers, modeling of their interaction, and ability to simulate the traffic and procure reliable realistic results. Organized traffic with drivers heeding to well defined traffic rules is less dynamic and erratic, than modeling unorganized traffic, wherein the drivers either do not heed to well defined traffic rules, or there are no traffic rules in place. This paper shows the viability of applying multi-agent simulation for unorganized traffic. In particular, we model the behavior of drivers, as being cautious, normal, and aggressive, and show results about average speed of vehicles in traffic, number of overtakes, and number of accidents occurring with different proportions of aggressive and cautious drivers. A multi-agent simulator with graphics interface has been implemented to visualize and evaluate the traffic flow.

Short Bio:   Kamal Karlapalem got his Ph.D. in computer science from Georgia Tech. in the area of database systems in 1992. He was a faculty member in computer science department of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology from 1992 to 2000. Since 2000 he is Associate Professor at IIIT, Hyderabad, India leading the Centre for Data Engineering. Kamal Karlapalem has has been working in areas of distributed database systems, object oriented databases, workflow management systems, workflow security, data warehousing and data mining, and multi-agent systems.

Host:   Munindar Singh, Computer Science, NCSU

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