NC State University

Department of Computer Science Colloquia 2003-2004

A telecast to Duke U. and UNC as part of
Triangle Computer Science Distinguished Lecturer Series

Date:   Monday, March 1, 2003
Time:   4:00 PM (Talk), 3:00 PM (reception in Parks Shop Lounge)
Place:   Room 107H, Parks Shop, NCSU Historical Campus (click for courtesy parking request)

Speaker:   Mike Reiter , Center for Computer and Communications Security, CMU

Security for, and by, converged mobile devices

Abstract:   Market research firms project the worldwide market for converged mobile devices, such as "smartphones" and "connected PDAs", to grow robustly, following a doubling in 2003. A not-too-distant future in which each person habitually carries at least one ubiquitously connected, reasonably powerful and programmable computing device presents a range of new technical and social opportunities.

In this talk we provide an overview of our research toward utilizing these devices in applications where security is significant. A cornerstone of our vision is rendering the device itself secure, i.e., ensuring that even a device that is captured and reverse-engineered cannot be misused or caused to divulge its sensitive data. We will detail our work on this problem, and then summarize our efforts to utilize these devices in novel ways for data protection, access control to physical and electronic resources, and secure transactions.

Short Bio:   For a short bio, please click here.

Host:   Douglas Reeves, Computer Science, NCSU

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