NC State University

Department of Computer Science Colloquia 2001-2002

Date:  Thursday, November  15, 2001
Time:  4:00 PM (talk)
Place:  402A Withers, NCSU Historical Campus (click for courtesy parking request)

Speakers:  Peggy E. Hoon, NCSU Libraries, David McAllister, Computer Science, NCSU

Tempe Principles for Emerging Systems of Scholarly Publishing

Abstract: The current system of scholarly publishing has become too costly for the academic community to sustain. The increasing volume and costs of scholarly publications, particularly in science, technology, and medicine (STM), are making it impossible for libraries and their institutions to support the collection needs of their current and future faculty and students. The "Tempe Principles for Emerging Systems of Scholarly Publishing"  are a reponse to these factors, and were developed at a meeting held in Tempe, Arizona, on March 2-4, 2000. Sponsored by the AAU, ARL, and the Merrill Advanced Studies Center of the University of Kansas, the meeting was intended to facilitate discussion among the various academic stakeholders in the scholarly publishing process and to build consensus on a set of principles that could guide the transformation of the scholarly publishing system.

Academic libraries are eager to disseminate the Tempe Principles and to engage faculty and students in discussions about them. This seminar will be in two parts:

   -- a presentation by Peggy E. Hoon from the library's perspective;

   -- a presentation by David McAlister from the faculty's perspective.

A discussion and further awareness of Tempe Principles among  faculty, students, and representatives of the NCSU libraries is of importance to all.

Short Bios: Peggy E. Hoon is North Carolina State University Libraries  Scholarly Communication Librarian.  She provides guidance to the library staff on matters pertaining to scholarly communication and serves as the universityís primary resource on fair use and other copyright issues as they relate to library collections and services. Before coming to NC State, she was the Copyright Specialist for Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. At NC State, in addition to providing guidance to the library staff, Hoon continues her education and outreach efforts through frequent presentations on copyright and fair use, and by redeveloping and maintaining the Scholarly Communication Center Web site.

For more information about David McAllister, see his home page.

Host:   F. Brglez, Computer Science, NCSU

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