NC State University

Department of Computer Science

Colloquia in Computer Science 2000-2001

This seminar series serves two main purposes: As to the speakers from the Triangle area, the goal is to host one or two speakers each month on a Thursdays at 3:30 PM. The location of seminars will alternate between the Historical NCSU Campus and the Centennial NCSU Campus, depending on the preferences of speakers and the availability of space. Following the seminar, the expectation is that after some questions and answer period, interesting discussions may continue during an early and informal dinner with the speaker.

As to the speakers from out-of-town, the scheduling may be on a shorter notice and ad hoc, with seminars taking place on days different from Thursdays. Every attempt will be made so that seminar participants can interact with the speaker to the maximum extent possible.

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Suggestions about the potential speakers and the format of this seminar series are solicited and always welcome. Please, mail them to

Franc Brglez

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