NC State University

Department of Computer Science Colloquia 2000-2001

(jointly with Numerical Analysis Group, Dept. of Mathematics)

Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2001
Time:  2:35 PM (Talk)
Place: 330 Harrelson Hall, NCSU Historical Campus (click for courtesy parking request)

Speaker: Nikos Pitsianis, BOPS Inc. and Computer Science, Duke U.

Approximating with Kronecker Products

Abstract:  I will give an overview of the following approximation problem.

Given a matrix A and a factorization of its dimensions, find matrices B and C of the corresponding dimensions whose Kronecker product is as close as possible to A in Frobenius norm:

                          min || A - Bx C ||_F

Various constrained Kronecker product approximation problems are also considered along with examples of where such approximations are useful. See the Kronecker products home page  for more details.

Short Bio:  See for details.

Hosts:  W. Stewart,, Computer Science, NCSU

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