NC State University

Department of Computer Science Colloquia 1999-2000

Date: Monday, January 10, 2000
Time: 11: 00 AM (talk)
Place: EGRC 136, NCSU Centennial Campus (click for courtesy parking request)

Speaker: James W. Hong, Computer Science and Engineering, POSTECH, Korea

Recent R&D Activities on Web-based Network and Systems Management

Abstract:  Today's enterprise networks are composed of interconnected networks of various devices, systems and services supporting a wide variety of applications within an organization. Providing a secure, reliable and efficient operating environment to support the organization's daily activities and its business is the most challenging task faced by the operations and management staff today. Current management practices typically involve using separate, incompatible tools and techniques for managing networks, systems and applications.  What is urgently needed is a simple, uniform framework for managing not only networks but also systems and applications.  Web-based management is a promising approach that can provide truly integrated management solutions.

This talk will provide a brief overview of emerging technologies involved in Web-based network and systems management. Technologies such as HTTP, HTML, Java, and Web server operational considerations are introduced and explored. An analysis of emerging Web-based management standards and frameworks, such as WBEM, JMX, MRTG+, WebTrafMon, iMon will be examined. We will also present several examples of actual Web-based management systems that have been developed and deployed by the DP&NM Lab ( at POSTECH.

Short Bio: James Won-Ki Hong is an associate professor in the Dept. of Computer Science
and Engineering, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea. He is also an associate director
of POSTECH Information Research Laboratories (PIRL,
He has been with POSTECH since May 1995.  Prior to joining POSTECH, he was a
research professor in the Dept. of Computer Science, University of Western
Ontario, London, Canada.  Dr. Hong received the BSc and MSc degrees from the
University of Western Ontario in 1983 and 1985, respectively, and the PhD
degree from the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada in 1991.  He has been
very active as a participant, program committee member and organizing committee
member for IEEE CNOM sponsored symposiums such as NOMS, IM, DSOM and APNOMS.
He is currently a technical program co-chair for 2000 IEEE/IFIP Network
Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS 2000,, which will
be held in April 10-14, 2000 in Hawaii.  He is also the current technical chair
for IEEE CNOM.  For the last several years, he has been working on various
research projects on network and systems management, which utilize Web, Java
and CORBA technologies. His research interests include network and systems
management, distributed computing and multimedia systems.  He is a member of

HostInjong Rhee, Computer Science, NCSU

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