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Health-care Sector Vulnerable to Hackers, Researchers Say, quotes Dr. Laurie Williams and references her work focused on software security in the healthcare space; The Washington Post, by Robert O’Harrow Jr., Dec. 25

Android App Verification Service Misses 85% of Sideloaded Malware, profiles the research of Dr. Xuxian Jiang; ZDNet, by Michael Lee, Dec. 11

Researchers Steal Cloud Computing Power Via Browsers, another look at Dr.Enck's research and how it demonstrates that cloud computing can be taken at no cost, if you know where to find the processing cycles; Information Week, by Thomas Claburn, Nov. 29

New Hack Abuses Cloud-Based Browsers, Dr. William Enck's research shows how attackers could anonymously pilfer free cloud computing power - for cracking passwords, denial-of-service attacks, or other nefarious activities;, by Kelly Jackson Higgins, Nov. 28

Supercomputers Face Growing Resilience Problems, profiles research work of NC State PhD student, David Fiala; ComputerWorld, by Joab Jackson, Nov. 21

NCSU Rolls Out WiFox to Solve Internet Bottlenecks, profiles research being done at NC State to improve Internet data output in high-traffic areas; Triangle Business Journal, by Jason deBruyn, Nov. 14

Android Smishing Vulnerability Found in Android Open Source Project Firmware, profiles the latest Android vulnerability courtesy of Dr. Xuxian Jiang and his research team;, by Michael Mimoso, Nov. 05

NC State Researchers Develop Better Tool for Hurricane Prediction, more on the research of Dr. Nagiza Samatova and others at NC State to predict hurricane activity with increased accuracy; News & Observer, by Whitney Howell, Nov. 05

New Model Could Improve Hurricane Forecasting, WRAL spotlights the research of Dr. Nagiza Samatova in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy;, by Brian Shrader, Oct. 31

Q&A: What's Needed to Get a Big Data Job?, features a discussion with Dr. Michael Rappa about emerging trends and how big data will change the future of corporate training; Computerworld, by Patrick Thibodeau, Oct. 24

NCSU Program Samples Twitter Sentiment During Debates, spotlights Dr. Chris Healey and his Tweet Viz application;, by Mark Binker, Oct. 04

Can This App Help Workplaces Become Greener?, blog about JouleBug app, developed by NC State alum Grant Williard with lots of help from CSC talent;, by Dave Burdick, Oct. 01

Researchers Working on Project to Crack Down on Game Bots, profiles the research being led by Dr. David Roberts to create techniques that allow game designers to identify and deal with problematic bots without disrupting the experience of real human players;, by Megan Farokhmanesh, Sep. 28

Researchers Develop New Model to Predict Seasonal Hurricane Activity, features Dr. Nagiza Samatova's research in the development of a new method for predicting the activity in an upcoming hurricane season that is 15% more accurate than previous models;, by Andrei Evbuoma, Sep. 12

New Mobile App Will Showcase Raleigh Greenways, profiles project conceived and brought to CityCamp by Dr. Ben Watson's summer mobiles class; MidtownRaleighNews, by Matt Garfield, Sep. 01

Police Investigators Revisit Crime Scenes Using Virtual Reality, profiles work done by Dr. Michael Young and other researchers on IC-CRIME, a virtual tool that allows authorities to virtually revisit and analyze crime scenes long after the physical spaces have been cleaned up; Live Science, by Jacqueline Conciatore, Jul. 25

NCSU Program Helps Students Take Inventions to Market, focuses on NC State's Entrepreneurs Garage including new business idea by CSC grad student, Charlie West; WRAL, by Brian Shrader, Jul. 10

Android Susceptible to Sophisticated Clickjacking Malware, profiles recent findings by Dr. Xuxian Jiang and his team of researchers who have developed a prototype clickjacking rootkit that's more sophisticated than the other Android-oriented malware already out there; InfoWorld, by Ted Sampson, Jul. 03

Creating a Game in the Pursuit of "NOL"edge, spotlights NOL, a game developed by CSC & Design specifically to showcase the game lab planned for the new Hunt Library; Technician, by Jennifer Jung, Jun. 27

Costs Soar for Updating NC's Medicaid Computer System, Dr. Frank Mueller weighs in on the challenge of supporting systems written in COBOL; News & Observer, by Joseph Neff, Jun. 17

Tech-savvy Grad Sees Coding as Creative, profiles incoming freshman Gabrielle Roseboro and quotes Ken Tate re: department's efforts to redefine computer science as a way to change the world in a socially relevant way; Charlotte Observer, by Ann Doss Helms, Jun. 08

Crafting a Cyber-spectator Sport, CSC senior Neil Shah, an expert Starcraft player, is looking to turn video games into a spectator sport; Technician, by Young Lee, Jun. 06

Could Data Scientist be Your Next Job?, exposes the unique skills being taught by Dr. Michael Rappa and the Institute for Advanced Analytics here at NC State University; PC Advisor, by Sandra Gittlen, Jun. 04

Academia Joins in Battling Android Malware, more exposure for Dr. Xuxian Jiang and his team; NetworkWorld, by Antone Gonsalves, May. 29

DigitalChalk's Troy Tolle Wins 'People's Choice Award', recognizes the achievements of CSC alum, Troy Tolle as a leader in North Carolina's tech and life science industries that support tech or utilize the latest in IT to transform their businesses; PRWeb, May. 25

Researchers 'Map' Android Malware Genome, profiles work of Dr. Xuxian Jiang and his team; Dark Reading, by Kelly Jackson Higgins, May. 22

New Technique Boosts Efficiency of Multi-hop Wireless Networks, profiles work by Dr. Rudra Dutta that has created a more efficient data transmission approach that can boost the amount of data the networks can transmit by 20 to 80 percent; ZDNet, by Chris Jablonski, Apr. 20

Downloading Apps to Your Smartphone Carries Risk, highlights the work of Dr. Xuxian Jiang and his research team, who have examined 100,000 apps in the Google Play market to learn more about the advertising embedded in the programs; News & Observer, by Tyler Dukes, Apr. 16

Are Free Apps Like Angry Birds Giving Advertisers Access to Your Private Information?, one of countless worldwide news stories profiling most recent Android security risks identified by Dr. Xuxian Jiang; The Blaze, by Liz Klimas, Mar. 20

University Praised for Video Game Development, faculty and students respond to the department being named to the Princeton Review's 'Top Schools to Study Video Game Design for 2012'; Technician, by Juliana Deitch, Mar. 15

What Is a Data Scientist?, provides excellent read on Dr. Michael Rappa and the Institute for Advanced Analytics at NC State University; Forbes, by Dan Wood, Mar. 05

CentMesh aims for First Open-air Wi-Fi Network, profiles Dr. Rudra Dutta's research involving creation of an outdoor wireless mesh network testbed on Centennial Campus; News and Observer, by Kohn Murawski, Feb. 06

More on Wiping Old Data, quotes CSC alum and IBM Distinguished Engineer, Jeff Crume; News and Observer, by Tyler Dukes, Feb. 06

Evolving Android Malware Shows How Evil Apps Will Evade Google's Scans, profiles most recent Android security risks identified by Dr. Xuxian Jiang; Forbes, by Andy Greenberg, Feb. 06

What IT Takes: Jobs in Information Technology, mentions success of NC State's Master of Science in Analytics program where 2011 graduates achieved a 97% placement rate with salary offers up to $140,000; Chicago Tribune, by Kristyn Schiavone, Jan. 30


Serious New Android Privacy Leak Demonstrated, profiles Android-based security research being led by Dr. Xuxian Jiang; PC Magazine, by Sara Yin, Dec. 02

Researchers use Woodpecker to Single out Vulnerable Android Phones, details research being led by Dr. Xuxian Jiang; NetworkWorld, by Bob Brown, Nov. 30

Android Smartphones Have Big Security Hole, video that profiles Dr. Xuxian Jiang's latest findings;, Nov. 30

Gaming Lecture Inspires Students, feature article on Chad Dezern's Nov. 15th talk as part of the the Fidelity Investments Speakers Series, quotes Ken Tate; Technician, by Sarah Dashow, Nov. 16

NCSU to Develop Tutoring Game with $1M, profiles research effort led by Dr. James Lester on a middle school game-based learning initiative to increase pipeline of computer science talent; Triangle Business Journal, by Jason deBruyn, Nov. 09

Humanoid Robot Represents Cutting Edge Technology for Fayetteville State Computer Programming Students, details work involving NC State CSC Master's student Sean Mobley; Fayetteville Observer, by Steve DeVane, Oct. 11

NC State Researchers Team with IBM to Keep Cloud-stored Data Away From Prying Eyes, profiles SICE developed by Dr. Peng Ning and fellow NC State and IBM researchers to protect cloud data; Engadget, by Amar Toor, Oct. 07

Cloud Research Isolates Sensitive Information, profiles ground-breaking research collaboration between NC State and IBM; IT Pro, by Miya Knights, Oct. 06

STARS Alliance Program, excellent TV interview by Dr. Kristy Boyer on the STARS Alliance; My Carolina Today, Oct. 03

October Encourages Internet Safety, details personal Internet security suggestions provided by Dr. Doug Reeves; Technician, by Sruthie Mohan, Oct. 03

IBM's Watson Wows NCSU Students, chronicles CSC student, Eric Whitmire's chance to square off with IBM's Watson; The News & Observer, by Jane Stancill, Sep. 29

How do 3-D movies work?, Dr. Christopher Healey explains the science behind 3-D movies; The News & Observer, by Marla Broadfoot, Sep. 26

GingerMaster Is First Malware To Utilize A Root Exploit On Android 2.3, more Android threats discovered by Dr. Xuxian Jiang and his team;, by Tim Wilson, Aug. 21

Making the High-speed Connection, profiles the work of Dr. George Rouskas, Emre Yetginer, and doctorate student Zeyu Liu on improving the speed and efficiency of fiber optic network connections; The Technician, by Andrew Branch, Jul. 13

Researchers Uncover More Android Malware on Google's Market, quotes Dr. Xuxian Jiang on the latest threat he has uncovered dubbed "HippoSMS"; Computerworld, by Gregg Keizer, Jul. 11

NC State discovery finds optimal connections 10,000 times more quickly, ResNet admins do a double take, highlights work of Dr. George Rouskas;, by Darren Murph, Jun. 29

How Game Developers Can Predict Behavior Patterns Through Rewards, profiles the research of Dr. David Roberts and Ph.D. student Brent Harrison ; Ars Technica, by Josh McIllwain, Jun. 17

IBM Helps Build Students' Software Development Skills, quotes Jim Yuill, visiting assistant professor of IT at North Carolina State University;, by Darryl K. Taft, Jun. 07

More Android Malware Uncovered, about DroidKungFu Android threat discovered by Dr. Xuxian Jiang and student Yajin Zhou; The Wall Street Journal, by Ben Rooney, Jun. 06

Top Triangle Gamers Gather at Developers Roundtable, event hosted by the N.C. Department of Commerce included Dr. Michael Young and leaders from some of the top gaming companies in the area; Triangle Business Journal, by Monica Chen, May. 26

Challenges Loom for 'E-Verify' Employment Verification System, a guest blog post by Center for Democracy and Technology Fellow and NC State Professor, Dr. Annie Anton; Center for Democracy & Technology, May. 25

Dobbs Argues E-Verify Should Be Mandatory Because "It Works"; Dr. Annie Anton's recent congressional testimony is quoted extensively as part of Media Matters' effort to challenge Lou Dobbs' call for mandatory use of E-Verify; Media Matters for America, May. 19

Suit Against PC Renter Raises Privacy Questions, AP News release that has been picked up by over 300 newspapers and agencies worldwide quotes Dr. Annie Anton; Associated Press, by Joe Mandak , May. 04

NSF Campus Bridging Report Available Online, notes that Patrick Dreher, adjunct professor, chaired the NSF workshop and served as editor of the report;, May. 03

From the Classroom to the Game Room, features gaming research by several graduate students working in the Liquid Narrative and the IntelliMedia Groups ; Technician, by Rich Lepore, Apr. 25

An App to Protect Your Information, discusses TISSA — (Taming Information-Stealing Smartphone Applications), a security app for Android phones created by Dr. Xuxian Jiang and a four-member project team ; The Wall Street Journal, by Aatekah Mir, Apr. 25

ECGC 2011: NC Is A Developer Hog Pen, chronicles the explosive growth of gaming in the Triangle and mentions the role of NC State and Dr. Michael Young;, by Kevin Parrish, Apr. 18

Researchers Out to Defend Android Users From Privacy Thieves, profiles Dr. Xuxian Jiang's work on privacy mode software after finding a security vulnerability in Android 2.3 (Gingerbread); PC Advisor, by Bob Brown, Apr. 13

NC State Completes Crashtest Cluster, profiles the work of Dr. Frank Mueller building the largest academic HPC in North Carolina;, by Tiffany Trader, Apr. 04

Digital Gaming Goes Academic, reports on the evolution of gaming technology and research and the impact of games on individual learners, including Dr. James Lester and the IntelliMedia Group's 'Crystal Island', a digital game designed to teach microbiology to 8th graders; Education Week, by Katie Ash, Mar. 17

iPhone App Alert: Saving Energy With JouleBug, profiles a new a reality‐based, casually‐social iPhone app that encourages users to go green by building energy saving habits in a practical, fun way. The game is the brainchild of NC State alum, Grant Williard, and was launched with the involvement of students from NC State's ME, CSC and Design disciplines;, by Katie Fehrenbacher, Mar. 14

Drive-by Exploit Slurps Sensitive Data From Android Phones, profiles vulnerability in the latest version of Google's Android operating systems discovered by Dr. Xuxian Jiang; TheRegister, by Dan Goodin, Jan. 29

Video Game Industry in NC, UNC-TV's "NC Now" segment on the video game industry in NC, featuring Dr. Michael Young; UNC-TV, Jan. 21

Activate3D Wants to Make Your Virtual Movement More Real, profiles gaming industry work in the space led by NC State CSC alum, Dan Amerson, and quotes Dr. Michael Young; Science in the Triangle, by Tyler Dukes, Jan. 21

SAS Wins 'Change the Equation' STEM Video Contest, a press release referencing the work of CSC alum, Scott McQuiggan, who has developed several new SAS iPad apps including SAS Flash Cards;, press release, Jan. 05


Getting to Comparative Agility, an audio interview with Dr. Laurie Williams discussing her research into Agile principles and practices;, by Shane Hastie, Dec. 22

'Game On' for Computer Science, an op ed piece suggesting that students' interest in gaming may help address the projected shortage of computer science graduates in the US over the next decade; News & Observer, by Dr. Michael Young, Dec. 10

IBM Cloud Patching System Highlights Virtualization Research, another story on the IBM / NC State computer science collaboration on research to boost security of cloud computing networks; Network World, by Jon Brodkin, Dec. 02

Patching The Cloud, profiles collaborative work done by IBM and NC State computer science researchers on a new cloud computing patch tool which protects virtual machines in a computer “cloud” from cyber-attacks by ensuring that they always receive important security upgrades – even when those programs are offline; International Business Times, by Gabriel Perna, Dec. 01

Is it time for a job change?, lifts up Dr. Michael Rappa's master of science in analytics degree program as a shining example of a program providing targeted skills training demanding premium salaries; ITWorldCanada, by Patrick Thibodeau, Nov. 11

The First Amendment Embraces Video Games, an op ed piece on the upcoming Supreme Court case regarding violent video games and the First Amendment; News & Observer, by Dr. Michael Young & Alex Macris, Oct. 05

NCSU and IBM Scientists Target Cloud Malware With Stealthy Security Solution, another take on Dr. Peng Ning's collaborative research effort; Sys-Con Media, by Tim Negris, Sep. 23

NC State, IBM Researchers Create 'Stealth' Hypervisor Security Tool, profiles collaborative research effort led by Dr. Peng Ning; DarkReading, by Kelly Jackson Higgins, Sep. 20

NCSU granted $3.5M to create ‘virtual tutor’, highlights collaborative research involving Dr. James Lester; Triangle Business Journal, by James Gallagher, Sep. 16

NCSU Gets $1.8M to Predict Climate Change, Hurricanes, profiles collaborative research effort involving Dr. Nagiza Samatova; Triangle Business Journal, by James Gallagher, Aug. 19

Routes to Better Schooling, includes VCL's important role in bringing innovation to the K-12 classroom as a component of education reform in NC; News & Observer, OpEd piece by Stanley S. Litow, Aug. 05

Celebrating the Legacy of PLATO, chronicles the work of Dr. Don Bitzer, the inventor of PLATO, forerunner of today's social media and interactive education; Communications of the ACM (Vol. 53 No. 8, Pages 19-20), by Kirk L. Kroeker, Jul. 27

NCSU Creates, Duke Adopts ‘Virtual’ Labs for Computing, chronicles the integration on NC State's VCL technology on the Duke University campus, where a half-dozen computer labs have been shut-down and the space re-purposed in residence halls; Triangle Business Journal, by James Gallagher, Jun. 28

What does it mean to be Agile - Survey Results, discusses findings of research conducted by Dr. Laurie Williams to understand how well the Agile Principles, written almost ten years ago, have stood the test of time and use;, by Shane Hastie, Jun. 25

Servers Go Virtual as Apps Multiply, profiles how virtualization such as VCL developed at NC State, is being embraced by firms to cut costs; Triangle Business Journal, by Frank Vinluan, Jun. 25

Researchers to Cure Blue Pill Virtualization Attacks, Details the research of Dr. Xuxian Jiang and his PhD. student Zhi Wang to protect virtualization hypervisors from malicious "Blue Pill" rootkit threats;, by Joab Jackson, May. 07

Gaming Companies Hold Second Annual Game Conference, provides video overview of conference attended by over 900 video game enthusiasts, with NC State playing a prominent role in helping promote the Triangle as a hot spot for video game companies; NBC17, by Kendall Jones, Apr. 13

NCSU Trims South Korea Plans, describes NC State's scaled back plan to offer degree programs (including computer science) at a new global university campus in South Korea; News & Observer, by Eric Ferreri, Apr. 10

NCSU Trio Trotting to Paris with Ideas, chronicles the trek of recent computer science new grad, Yusuf Simonson, and two other NC State students as finalists in an international business-game competition called Citizen Act; Triangle Business Journal, by Chris Baysden, Apr. 09

Staying Strong in Video Games, Op Ed piece stressing the value of the games industry in North Carolina and urging leaders to enter into a substantive discussion on ways to support the industry (which is being pulled away by other states and provinces that offer aggressive tax incentives); News & Observer, by Dr. Michael Young, Apr. 05

Screen-Capture Programming: What You See is What You Script, profiles advances in research that Dr. Rob St. Amant helped launch in the '90s; IEEE Computing Now, by George Lawton, Apr. 01

San Diego Firm Makes Raleigh Ground Zero for Smart Grid Work, mentions Dr. Frank Mueller's research on smart grid software; TriangleBusinessJournal, by Frank Vinluan, Mar. 12

One Student Among 50-plus People Who Will Help Find a UNC Chief, NC State computer science alum, Greg Doucette, a current N.C. Central University law student who heads the UNC system's student government association, is the lone student involved in the selection of the UNC system's next president!; News & Observer, by Eric Ferreri, Mar. 05

Atlantic Coast Conference Announces 2009-10 Women's Basketball All-Academic Team, NC State computer science student and women's basketball player, Brittany Strachan, is among those honored;, Mar. 05

Virtual Computing Initiative at a Small Public University, profiles the pilot extension of NC State's Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) project to NC Central University; Communications of the ACM, by Cameron Seay & Gary Tucker, Mar. 01

Tech changes coming to CSUN, profiles the ever-broadening interest in NC State's Virtual Computing Labs (VCL) technology; Daily Sundial, by Jacob Nahin, Feb. 24

Strachan Finds Confidence, Comfort As Junior, story about NC State womens basketball player, Brittany Strachan, a junior in computer science;, by Tim Peeler, Feb. 11

A Coach's First Season: NC State Opens ACC Play Tonight, includes an Q&A with NC State women's basketball player, Brittany Strachan, a junior in computer science; Red & White for Life, by Cherry Crayton, Jan. 07


N.C. Teens Finish Second in Science Contest, profiles student team mentored by Dr. Nagiza Samatova; News & Observer, by T. Keung Hui, Dec. 07

Competitor Doesn't Act Her Age, profiles Katie Shpanskaya, as she prepares for the national finals of the Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology with her mother and team mentor, Dr. Nagiza Samatova; News & Observer, by T. Keung Hui, Nov. 30

Videogames Find Ways to Help Real CSI Solve Crimes, profiles collaborative research of Dr. Michael Young and others at NC State to allow criminal investigation teams use videogame technology to help forensic scientists collaborate virtually to re-create what happened at the scene of the crime; The New York Times, edited by Belinda Goldsmith, Nov. 27

Epic Games Giving Away "Unreal Development Kit", Dr. Michael Young interviewed for TV news report; NBC 17 News, by Chris Cowperthwaite, Nov. 05

Unreal Development Kit Available, for Free, No Seriously!, Lists NC State as one of the schools that will deploy Epic Games' free Unreal Development Kit (UDK) into its game development curricula;, by Christopher Rick, Nov. 04

Researchers Create Hypervisor-Based Tool For Blocking Rootkits, profiles research being performed at N.C. State University to address one of the most insidious types of malware known as a "rootkit," which can effectively hide the presence of other spyware or viruses from the user;, by Kelly Jackson Higgins, Nov. 03

NCSU's Research Park Continues to Evolve, profiles N.C. State University celebration of the 25th birthday of its innovative Centennial Campus, including a quote from Prasanth Anbalagan, a computer science doctoral student about the benfits of working for internationally prominent companies without ever leaving campus; News & Observer, by Jay Price, Oct. 23

Escapist Report: AI Innovation, video report featuring Dr. Michael Young discussing the evolution and innovation in computer game AI; The Escapist, by Team Hollywood, Oct. 20

TGI: Power in the Making, describes the Triangle Game Initiative and mentions NC State as the founding academic partner; The Escapist, by Russ Pitts, Oct. 13

Red Hat CEO Explains Business Model of 21st Century, Benefits of Open Source, profiles Jim Whitehurst's Sept 29th talk as part of the Fidelity Investments "Leadership in Technology", Executive Speakers Series ; Technician, by Heidi Klumpe, Sep. 30

Respect, but no love, for hackers; Profiles NC State computer science alumnus, Jeff Crume, one of the area's foremost authorities on computer security, and quotes Ken Tate, director of development & external relations; News & Observer, by John Murawski, Aug. 16

Open Source Advocates Rally; Discusses NC State and COSE's involvement in Open Source for America to promote the federal government's adoption of open-source technology; News & Observer , by David Ranii, Jul. 23

Industry Hopefuls: Prepare Intelligently!; Gives props to NC State's computer science program and undergraduate game development concentration; Game Career Guide, by Lewis Pulsipher, Jul. 07

Gaming the Blackbeard Shipwreck; Middle schoolers and kids everywhere can explore the wreck of Blackbeard’s purported flagship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, thanks to the new Blackbeard’s Escape video game developed by NC State design and computer science students; NC Department of Cultural Resources News, by Richard Barton, Jun. 15

NCSU Computer Science Professor Retires Leaving Remarkable Impressions, salutes the career of retiring lecturer Carol Miller;, by Molly Moore, May. 11

WingSwept President Recognized with TBJ’s Top 40 under 40 Award, profiles NC State Computer Science alumnus Jay Strickland;, by staff writer, May. 04

We've got next - Gaming industry's latest generation learns at NCSU, profiles the recent Game Development Showcase; News & Observer, by Luciana Chavez, May. 03

Wake Recruits Video-game Developers, mentions role of NC State and the Digital Games Research Center in helping establish the Triangle area as a video game hub;, by David Ranii, Apr. 27

Students Roll Out Their Video Games, profiles the games developed by computer science and industrial design students at N.C. State to be featured in the 2009 Game Development Showcase;, by Luciana Chavez, Apr. 23

Communication Smart, engaging article by Dr. Wushow "Bill" Chou, Emeritis Professor of Computer Science at NC State University, on the importance of soft skills as IT professional move up the career ladder;, by Dr. Wushow , Apr. 16

Can’t Find a Better Man, profiles former CSC student Jon 'PearlJammer' Turner, the 45th ranked online poker player in the world who recently won over $500K with a 3rd place finish in the PokerStars Spring Championship of Online Poker;, by Dan Cypra, Apr. 15

PS3 Supercomputer Illustrates Innovative IT Cost Savings, blog lists Dr. Frank Mueller's success in creating a low-cost supercomputing cluster using eight Sony PS3 systems; TechRepublic, by Bill Detwiler, Mar. 04

Issues in Computer Security, blog posting featuring key points made by Dr. Annie Antón during her keynote at a two-day summit on "Grand Challenges" for the future posed by the National Academy of Engineering;, by Monte Basgall, Mar. 03

We’re in Good Hands, blog posting by CSC alum about student trip to Silicon Valley as part of the Engineering Entrepreneur’s Program;, by John Steensen, Mar. 03

A Pirate's Life for You, NCSU industrial design and computer science students are developing a video game to join a new four-month 'pirate's life' exhibition at the N.C. Museum of History; News & Observer, by Luciana Chavez, Mar. 01

Translate this: NCSU researchers develop software tool for coding translation, details the work of Dr. Tao Xie, who has created a tool that translates embedded code faster and more easily, making it easier for users to overcome challenges to selling products in different markets;, by staff writers, Feb. 24

Poker: The New Game In Secure Application Development, profiles work of Dr. Laurie Williams, who has developed a new risk management tool called "Protection Poker” to help software developers identify security vulnerabilities in their programs early in the planning process;, by Kelly Jackson Higgins, Feb. 24

Playstation 3: A Discount Supercomputer?, "Science Out of the Box" segment on NPR's "All Things Considered" featuring the work of Dr. Frank Mueller, who created one of the world's first academic PS3 clusters; NPR, by Jacki Lyden, Feb. 21

NCSU working with Cisco, Red Hat to tighten software, details collaborative efforts involving Dr. Laurie Williams, to enhance the security of software and reduce the number of times businesses and individuals have to download fixes; Triangle Business Journal, by James Gallagher, Feb. 20

Open Education: A New Paradigm, discusses the IBM / NC State Virtual Computing Initiative and cloud computing partnership;, by Michael King, Jan. 23


Artificial Intelligence: Robots Rule When It Comes to Holiday Shopping, profiles work by Kiva Sysyems and former facutly member, Dr. Peter Wurman, to help companies use artificially intelligent bots to streamline their warehouses and distribution centers; Scientific American , by Larry Greenemeier, Dec. 26

Kitchen Chemistry for Middle Schoolers, features innovative work of alumna Tamara Clegg (B.S. '02, major: CSC, ENG and minor: MA, PAMS) researching cognition and learning environments as she works toward her computer-science doctorate at Georgia Tech; New York Times, by Christine Lagorio, Dec. 24

Group Hopes to Shape Nation's Privacy Policy, mentions Future of Privacy group's efforts (Dr. Annie Antón is an advisory board member) to influence policy in the Obama administration and develop best practices on privacy for businesses; SFGate, by Deborah Gage, Nov. 17

A New Voice in Online Privacy, introduces the Future of Privacy group (Dr. Annie Antón is an advisory board member) designed to help shape standards around how companies collect, store and use consumer data for business and advertising; Washington Post, by Kim Hart, Nov. 17

ACM Experts See Some Progress, but Reiterate Need to Improve US Election System Technology, Dr. Annie Anton quoted in this press release on election systems; Association for Computing Machine, Nov. 14

NC State Collaborates with IBM on Cloud Computing, a sampling of the many news stories generated as a result of the IBM / NC State Cloud Computing announcement; TMCnet, by Anuradha Shukla, Oct. 27

NCSU, IBM Join to Help Students, local news coverage of joint IBM / NC State announcement to extend Cloud Computing access to state's K-12 population; News & Observer, by Jay Price, Oct. 26

3 Ways Web-Based Computing Will Change Colleges, includes references to NC State's VCL technology as it addresses how cloud computing will change the college experience; The Chronicle of Higher Education, by Jeffrey Young, Oct. 24

NCSU Moving Forward with $180M Engineering Buildings, provides insight into the CoE's plans to migrate to Centennial Campus, and the impact of new facilities on departmental and college rankings; Triangle Business Journal , by James Gallagher, Sep. 19

VCL Smarter Than the Average Computer Lab, profiles how the Virtual Computing Lab gives students access to hundreds of programs like Maple, MATLAB from personal computers; The Technician Online , by Daniel Marcus, Sep. 18

SAS Teaches Local High Schoolers to Slice and Dice Data, profiles a pilot program that is an extension of company's efforts to integrate SAS skills at the university level through such programs as NC State's master degree in analytics; The News & Observer, by David Ranii, Sep. 15

NC State Computer Science Embraces FOSS Into Its Curriculum, Red Hat blog entry details collaborative effort to launch graduate-level course, Open Source Software Communications, as part of the initiative of the NC State Center for Open Software Engineering;, by Fedora Team, Sep. 08

N.C. State, Local School Test Computer Games as Teaching Tool, profiles work of Dr. James Lester and recent $2.5M research grant from NSF to study the use of computer games as a teaching tool;, by staff writer, Aug. 11

Women Leading in Technology and Politics or Policy, lists Dr. Annie Antón among the nation's female movers and shakers working in areas related to technology and government ; The Political Voices of Women, by Sarah Granger, Jul. 22

Bill for State's Burgeoning Video Game Industry Gutted in Legislature, mentions strong base for local employment including schools which have instituted game-based programs such as N.C. State's Digital Games Research Center;, by Zack Smith, Jul. 16

Three Engineers, Hundreds of Robots, One Warehouse, profiles Kiva Systems, a company co-founded by former faculty member, Dr. Peter Wurman, and its efforts to use robots to revolutionize distribution centers; IEEE Spectrum Online, by Erico Guizzo, Jul. 03

County Profile: Wake County, profiles the collaborative work of Dr. Michael Young and the Wake County Economic Development office to expose Serious Games as serious business in Wake County ; Business Leader Magazine, by staff writer, Jun. 30

Another Successful Capitol Hill Science Fair, Dr. Michael Young visits Capitol Hill to man CRA booth to demonstrate his work in serious games; Computing Research Policy Blog, by Melissa Norr, Jun. 26

Lessons Learned from NCSU FOSS Class, Red Hat engineer, Will Cohen, discusses lessons learned from teaching NC State's first graduate course in free and open source software;, by Bruce Byfield, Jun. 18

A Computer Lab That Students Use but Never See, profiles NC State's Virtual Computer Lab technology; The Chronicle of Higher Education, by Jeffrey Young, May. 30

Digital Leaks Plugged, Dr. Annie Antón comments on Wake County's actions to protect personal data; News and Observer, by Michael Biesecker, May. 08

Tough Cookies for Web Surfers Seeking Privacy, more exposure for the report co-authored by Dr. Annie Antón, submitted to the FTC encouraging the agency to create a public "white list" of allowable opt-out cookies; Los Angeles Times, by Jim Puzzanghera, Apr. 19

Ex-girlfriend Invaded Wake Official's e-mail, contains quote from faculty member and privacy expert, Dr. Annie Antón on how county officials should respond to threat; News and Observer, by Michael Biesecker and Thomasi McDonald, Apr. 17

Online Behavioral Advertising: Technical Steps Needed to Ensure Consumer Control, report co-authored by Dr. Annie Antón submitted to the FTC on the technical steps that need be taken to ensure consumer control within the context of online behavioral advertising; Center for American Progress, by Drs. Peter Swire & Annie Antón, Apr. 10

Tekelec's Buy a Future Play, quotes Dr. Injong Rhee; Triangle Business Journal, by Frank Vinluan, Apr. 04

IBM Partners with UCLA, NC State on Web Development, details how NC State graduate students working with Professor Munindar Singh will be among the first developers to get their hands on Project Zero;, by David Nagel, Feb. 19

Defense Incubator to Set Up Shop on NCSU Campus, quotes Dennis Kekas, director of NCSU's Networking Technology Institute and Defense & Security Technology Accelerator board member; Triangle Business Journal, by Frank Vinluan, Feb. 15

4,600 May Face ID Theft in Laptop Case, associate professor Dr. Annie Antón quoted on actions which should have been taken to protect personal data.; News and Observer, by Sam Lagrone, Feb. 08

EMS Loses Laptop with Sensitive Info, associate professor Dr. Annie Antón appears on camera discussing related privacy concerns; News 14 Carolina, by Heather Moore, Jan. 29

Wake EMS Laptop is Missing, associate professor Dr. Annie Antón speaks to the risks of lost patient data because of the delay in reporting the missing laptop; News and Observer, by Sam Lagrone, Jan. 29

Middle Schoolers Dream Up Cities of the Future, quotes from *Dean Martin-Vega* about NC State's efforts to make the "e" in engineering stand for "excitement"; News and Observer, by Jane Stancill, Jan. 27

UNC System Schools Would Share $26M in Federal Cash, mentions the work done by Dennis Kekas in securing $4M to establish a "Secure Open Systems Institute" on Centennial Campus; Triangle Business Journal, by Adam Linker, Jan. 11


Wake Students Win Second Place in Science Competitions; News & Observer, by T. Keung Hui, Dec. 03

Blueprint for success - It takes teamwork to build a car that can drive itself, features the Insight Racing Team and their DARPA Urban Challenge efforts. ; Machine Design Magazine, by Stephen J. Mraz, Oct. 25

Net giants test web health, another feature that mentions on Dr. Annie Anton's position on Microsoft's HealthVault.; BBC , by Cristina Jimenes, Oct. 24

Does Microsoft's HealthVault really protect your privacy?, a Life Sciences piece on Dr. Annie Anton's blog posting about Microsoft's HealthVault.;, by David P. Hamilton, Oct. 14

PrivacyPlace fisks HealthVault, interesting blog on ZDNet Healthcare referencing Dr. Annie Anton and her position on Microsoft's HealthVault.;, by Dana Blankenhorn, Oct. 09

Closing the Digital Divide, feature story about the NC State sponsored Geek-a-Thon event.; News & Observer, by Ruth Sheehan, Oct. 05

NC State Professor has Winning Formula; Features Dr. Vincent Freeh and the , Oct. 03

A Race Where No One's Driving, NCSU robot car moves ahead in a competition sponsored by the Defense Department; News & Observer, by Bruce Siceloff, Aug. 10

Emergent Announces Academic Program, quotes Dr. Michael Young on the importance of having access to the best technology tools;, by David Radd
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, Jul. 25

SSNs at risk in government records, lawmakers say; cites recommendations by Dr. Annie Anton; SearchSecurity, by Caron Carlson, Jun. 22

Show 015 - An Interview with Annie Anton; 15th episode of The Silver Bullet Security Podcast features interview with Annie Anton.; Cigital, by Gary McGraw, Jun. 19

Gaming is big business - Pioneers lead resurgence in local marketplace; chronicles growth of gaming industry in RTP area including role played by Dr. Michael Young; Business Leader Magazine, by Danielle Jackson, Jun. 07

UCSD to Design, Build Cyberinfrastructure for Ocean Observatories, NC State Computer Science is an academic partner on this initiative;, by Douglas Ramsey, May. 18

Companies Put Games to Work, article on North Carolina Serious Games including Dr. Michael Young's work on the HI-FIVES project; News & Observer, by Sam LaGrone, May. 17

Robot Car Learns Rules of the Road, front page article on NC State's collaborative effort with Insight Racing to build an autonomous vehicle for the DARPA Urban Challenge; News & Observer, by Bruce Siceloff, May. 16

Dr. Michael Young quoted, Game Maker Seeks Triangle Space; News and Observer,  By Sam  Lagrone, Mar. 23 Dr. Mueller constructs first PS3 cluster supercomputer!; WUNC 03/09/2007, Local Tech Wire Mar. 9, 2007, March 09, 2007, 10.03.07, 10 Marzo 2007, Mar 10, 2007, Europs3Forum 10 March 2007, Engadget Mar 10th 2007, Digg News 3/10/07,, HPCwire February 19, 2007, Playstation3-forums March 9th, 2007, 09 Mar 2007, 10th March 2007,,, Science Blog , News, 2007-03-10, OrangEye 10/03/2007,, Wikio News, NewsFeed Mar-10-2007, Island News,,, 10 Mar 2007, Mar. 09 Get Creative, N.C. an opinion article by Dr. Alan Tharp ; The News and Observer, Feb. 28 Engineering Dean has Sights Set on Top Rank for NCSU; The Triangle Business Journal, by Suzy Barile, Feb. 23


"Students innovate, create with EEP" - CSC senior Eric Larsen featured in a story about how the Engineering Entrepreneurship Program offers students an opportunity to develop and market their creations; The Technician, by Jessie Jeppsson, Dec. 05

"Raleigh Group Revs Up For DARPA Competition". SDC project teams collaborate with Insight Racing, Lotus and AVRC on entry in the DARPA Urban Challenge; Local Tech Wire, by Rick Smith., Nov. 15 "Inside the Web: HowStuffWorks", story features alum and former faculty, Marshall Brain, and his HowStuffWorks web site; Pest Control Buzz Online Newsletter, by Mike Seuffert, Sep. 25 Majoring in IBM - Dissatisfied With Graduates, Companies Design and Fund Curricula at Universities, story focuses on how IBM is working with NCSU on the content of the new courses to ensure students have the in-demand skills to compete in a global economy; Wall Street Journal, by Anne Marie Chaker, Sep. 12 "Grants Geared to Making U.S. Safer", story mentions NCSU's DARPA Grande Challenge entry and quotes Dr. Bob Fornaro; News & Observer, by Tim Simmons, Sep. 10 NC State Team Wins $20,000 CSIDC Prize; IEEE Computer Magazine, by Bob Ward, August 2006 edition, Aug. 25

Brain's Eye is Firmly on the Future, feature story on alumnus, Marshall Brain (MS '89); News & Observer, by Tony Yang, Jul. 30 College Lectures Coming To Video iPods, story features video lecture by Dr. Harry Perros; NBC-17, by Ken Laullen, Jul. 26 Winning Software, Winning Spiel; By Tim Simmons, News & Observer, features the SDC team's CSIDC '06 championship., Jul. 23

SAS & NCSU to develop master's degree program ; NCSU News, Triangle Business Journal, WRAL LocalTechWire, Jul. 12

Jeff Painter, a CSC senior working as an intern at GSK; The News & Observer, Jul. 10

Keeping Track of Transportation: TransLoc Could Boost Mass Transit Special To LTW; WRAL online, Jul. 04 N.C. State Team Wins Computer Contest; Forbes, News & Observer, Jul. 03

Wake Tech to offer game-development degree;, Winston-Salem Journal, Durham Herald-Sun, The Daily Reflector, and The Lexington, Jul. 02 WingSwept Communications & NCSU team up to strengthen local computer science field; Carolina Newswire, May. 10

M. Young's paper featured in on May/June 2006 issue; IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, Apr. 24

NCSU's new Science Services curriculum is mentioned on "Academia Dissects the Service Sector, but Is It a Science?"; The New York Times, Apr. 18

What's going on at Triangle universities and colleges , announces $268,000 NSF grant in support of Design Tech initiative; The News & Observer, Feb. 27

Lytvinenko wins 1st place, "NC press photographers give out awards"; Fayetteville Online, Winston-Salem Journal, WCNC, (VA), Myrtle Beach Sun News (SC), Feb. 13 NCSU teams with IBM to launch new master's program; Triangle Business Journal, Jan. 16

Dr. Annie Anton featured, "Women of Influence - An awards program celebrating female infosecurity achievement recognizes a quartet of pioneers"; CSO Magazine, Jan. 12


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EMC Invests in North Carolina Education Program; Yahoo News; PR Newswire;, Germany; Dec. 13, 2004 , Dec. 14 Training students for shifting workplace; Universities now teaching innovation in every subject; Durham Herald-Sun; Page A9; Tuesday Nov 16, 2004, Nov. 16 IBM Forges School-Industry Relationship ; WTVD, WRAL; Oct 15, 2004, Oct. 19 Four N.C. Universities Join IBM's Academic Initiative; Preparing Students for High Tech Jobs of the Future; Business Wire; TMCnet; Oct 15, 2004, Oct. 15


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