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Applying to the ABM Program

The Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's program gives NC State’s top-performing undergraduate Computer Science majors the opportunity to earn an additional masters degree in one year. The major benefit is that up to four graduate courses taken while the student is still an undergraduate may be counted towards both their bachelors degree and an associated master's degree.

The initial steps for Computer Science majors interested in becoming ABM participatns and who have earned at least 75 hours toward their undergraduate program are:

  1. Read the Graduate School Handbook on the Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Program, starting with Student Eligibility Requirements.
  2. Meet with the Computer Science department’s Director of Undergraduate Advising to discuss the program’s benefits and challenges, and whether it is a good fit for you.
  3. Review the graduate degree choices:

At this exploratory stage, prospective ABM applicants are welcome to speak with the Director of Graduate Programs if they wish, but are not required to do so. The standard advice given is that the ABM applicant should not underestimate the difficulty of graduate course work. It is common to expect a standard graduate course to take 50% more time (or even greater) than a standard undergraduate course. Any of

may be regarded as a full-time load for an undergraduate.

If you decide the ABM program is the right path for you, you will apply like other applicants for Graduate School, with the following differences:

As with other applicants, three letters of reference are required.

In consultation with the department's directors of undergraduate advising and the graduate program, ABM applicants complete an ABM Plan of Work" as part of the application; a fillable template is available here. You may use the generic descriptions "core course" and "elective" in the template, or list specific CSC courses by number. The Plan of Work shows which courses will be double-counted, and that the applicant has a solid plan for completing the master's degree within a year of completing the bachelor's. After preparing the plan, sign it yourself and get the approval and signature of both CSC's Director of Undergraduate Advising and Director of Graduate Programs.

Then, when you prepare the online application and have entered North Carolina State University in your education history and the expected date your bachelor’s is conferred, a place will appear at the bottom of the Personal Statement and Resume section to upload a scanned copy of the approved ABM Plan of Work.

Although application deadlines are the same for ABM applicants as for domestic masters applicants – May 1 for fall admit terms and October 15 for spring – their desired admit term is a year later than that for conventional graduate applicants. For example, external masters prospects apply by May 1, YYYY to start in fall of the current year YYYY, while prospective ABM participants apply by the same deadline date to begin their graduate career the fall semester of YYYY + 1.

Lastly, to insure your ABM application isn't overlooked, send an email to with the subject line “ABM application submitted” immediately after submitting yours. This alerts us to manually waive the GRE requirement and allow the application to complete in the system.

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