Thinking about Study Abroad?

CSC Pennats Abroad

Complete the following:

  • Meet with a CSC Academic Advisor during drop in, no appointment needed office hours to discuss your individual plans.
  • Review the steps needed to apply for Study Abroad here
  • Review your degree audit for classes you still need. Use the Pack Planner to plan your remaining courses up to graduation. Some courses are offered only at certain times, so it is best to have a projected long-term course plan. Your CSC Academic Advisors are happy to help with this process.
  • Download and print a copy of the Study Abroad Course Pre-Approval form.
  • Please complete all demographic information and the information asked for in the left-hand column (Study Abroad Courses) in full.
  • For courses that are in the transfer database, please copy that equivalency to the right-hand column of the pre-approval form. Please leave the right hand column blank for courses that are not in the transfer database.
  • Courses that are not in the transfer database need to be reviewed. Review does not guarantee approval.
    • CSC Course approval process:
        - For each CSC course you wish to have reviewed a course description and syllabus is needed. This information should be brought to Dr. Adams in person or sent to her by email and accompanied by the Course Pre-Approval Form.
    • GEP and all other non-CSC courses approval process:
        - For GEP courses, please contact Mr. Koehler, the College of Engineering approver.
        - For all other courses, you will need to contact the department offering the course for their review. A list of department approvers is provided on Page 2 of the Study Abroad Course Pre-Approval form.
  • Submit the Study Abroad Course Pre-Approval form when you have completed and compiled the above information.