Pre-Registration Advising

Pre-Registration Advising Instructions

  • For students currently on Co-Op or Study Abroad, click here
    Please e-mail Dr. Adams with the following information at least two business days before your individual enrollment appointment:
    • Your Name
    • Your Student ID number
    • Why you need to be advised via-mail (ex: I'm on co-op in GA, I'm on Study Abroad in Ireland, etc.)
    • Which classes you plan to take in which semester (ex: in Fall 2018 I plan to take CSC 216, CSC 226, MA 242, and PY 208/209)
    • Any other items that might be helpful (if you'll be working, etc.)

    Please also attach a PDF copy of your CSC BS degree audit with no planned classes. There is no need to attach a completed advising planning form.

  • On campus students wishing to CODA into or continue in the CSC degree, see below
  • On campus students wishing to begin or continue in the Computer Programming minor, see below

Before you see a CSC Academic Advisor during Drop-In Office Hours (No Appointment Needed):
  1. Review your individual Enrollment Date in your Student Center on MyPack
    • "Appointment begins/Enrollment appointment" is jargon for when you enroll; you should plan to meet with an advisor at least 2 days before your "enrollment appointment".
  2. Print out your current degree audit.
    • Please uncheck the "include planned courses" box before populating your degree audit
    • Engineering First Year students should print out the BS degree audit for their intended major (ie. CSC BS degree audit). This may require you to create a "what if" degree audit.
    • There is a PRINT button in the top right corner of the Degree Audit Page
    • An example of what your degree audit should look like when printed is here
  3. Review the eight-semester display (or the eight-semester display for the Game Development Concentration) and your individual degree audit before entering the Enrollment Wizard for available classes. It is helpful to fill your shopping cart with available classes before coming to office hours. You may need to remove filters if you cannot find the class you are looking for.
    • CSC Restricted Electives, including Special Topics, for the upcoming semester can be found here
  4. Based on your shopping cart, fill out and then print out the advising planning form with classes for the next term. You will discuss this with an academic advisor when you meet with an advisor.
  5. Come see ANY CSC Academic advisor during their drop-in office hours. No appointment is needed and you do not need to let an advisor know before you come. Be sure to bring your printed degree audit (for the major you are in or are planning to be in) as well as your Advising Planning Form. We have spare advising planning forms if you forget yours. Links to office hours are on the homepage.
During your Pre-Registration Advising Session during Drop-In Office Hours (No Appointment Needed):
  1. Discuss your current and prospective classes
  2. Decide on a schedule for the next available terms
  3. Discuss any other inquiries (ie. Graduate School, Work Opportunities, impact experiences, etc.)
  4. Ask any questions you may have
  5. Have your enrollment hold released
After your Pre-Registration Advising Session:
  1. Ensure your shopping cart is accurate and there are no other holds on your account
  2. Press the "enroll" button after finalizing your shopping cart on or after your individual enrollment appointment according to MyPack
  3. Send an e-mail or come back for advising if you have any questions
    • If you wish to contact more than one advisor via email, please send one email to all three advisors instead of three separate notes.
    • Alternatively, you can submit a question to our Undergraduate Advising Office via our form.