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Proposed: Guangchao Yuan
Pınar Yolum appointed General Cochair for AAMAS 2015
PhD Graduate: Zhe Zhang
Proposed: Anup Kalia
Proposed: Pradeep Murukannaiah
PhD Graduate: Scott Gerard
PhD Graduate: Pankaj Telang
Michael Maximilien appointed to ACM TWEB Editorial Board
Amit Chopra appointed to ACM TOIT Editorial Board
IBM PhD Fellowship: Zhe Zhang
Pınar Yolum appointed to JAIR Editorial Board
PhD Graduate: Xibin Gao
Proposed: Scott Gerard
Proposed: Pankaj Telang
Spring 2011
Qualified: Prashant Kediyal
Qualified: Pradeep Murukannaiah
PhD Graduate: Chung-Wei Hang
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The first book on Multiagent Systems: now available for free download

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